‘Superman & Lois’ Finale, ‘Time’ for a Great Prison Drama, Body-Swapping on ‘Fantasy Island,’ Hamilton History

An action-packed season finale of Superman & Lois pits father against son. Game of Thrones’ Sean Bean and Line of Duty’s Stephen Graham star in a three-part BritBox prison drama. Fantasy Island welcomes a real-life acting couple whose characters switch bodies. Man vs. History gives the low-down on the fatal HamiltonAaron Burr duel.

Tyler Hoechlin as Clark in Superman & Lois - 'Last Sons of Krypton'
The CW

Superman & Lois

Season Finale

In a jam-packed season finale, directed by former Flash star Tom Cavanagh, Superman/Clark Kent (Tyler Hoechlin) experiences a father’s worst nightmare. Not only has superpowered teen son Jordan (Alex Garfin) been kidnapped by the Man of Steel’s half-brother Tal-Rho (Adam Rayner), the boy has been brainwashed and programmed to patricide. It’s going to take the whole Kent family, including Clark’s wife Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch), to save the day. And that doesn’t even take into account the army of soldiers infected with X-Kryptonite who are targeting Smallville.

Siobhan Finneran and Sean Bean in ‘Time’


Series Premiere

Cracker’s Jimmy McGovern is the writer of a taut three-part prison drama starring Game of Thrones’ Sean Bean in a role that’s a complete opposite of his current turn as Snowpiercer’s gloating villain. He’s Mark Cobden, a gentle man whose face is grooved with sorrow and regret as he accepts his punishment of a four-year prison term for a drunk-driving death that derailed his life as a husband, father and teacher. Overwhelmed by a system that tests his resolve, he soon learns he’s going to have to stand up for himself or, as a fellow inmate warns him, “Your life won’t be worth living now.” The prison officer in charge of Mark’s well-being, Eric McNally (Stephen Graham), has his own problems—namely, an inmate who’s threatening to extort him because of inside knowledge of Eric’s son, who’s incarcerated at a different prison and could be in danger.

Fantasy Island - Odette Annable and Dave Annable

Fantasy Island

“She Freaky-Friday’ed us!” That’s the reaction when guests Zev and Daphne (real-life married couple Dave and Odette Annable) realize that their desire for an “ultimate adventure” to reignite the spark in their marriage has resulted in a magical body swap. They’re disoriented and (amusingly) weirdly aroused by the gender switch, which creates both comical and emotional moments as they learn to see things from their soulmate’s perspective—and the timing of this event proves interesting as well. It’s also a period of adjustment for Elena Roarke’s (Roselyn Sanchez) new assistant, Ruby (Kiara Barnes), who’s keeping an eye on Brent (Francois Chau), a widower who has spent the last 35 years on the island in Rip van Winkle mode, only waking every five years. Is it finally time for him to overcome his grief and re-enter the world outside the island?


Man vs. History

Fans of the musical Hamilton know how it turned out when America’s first treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton, faced the nation’s third vice president, his longtime rival Aaron Burr, in a fatal duel. Professional storyteller Bil Lepp explores the truth behind their deadly beef and answers such questions as: Did Hamilton really aim his pistol at the sky?

Inside Tuesday TV:

  • General Hospital (ABC daytime, check local listings): Welcome back, Cameron Mathison! The actor exited All My Children 10 years ago as heartthrob Ryan Lavery—now he’s back as Drew Cain, presumed dead but clearly very alive. And still looking good.
  • My Big Fat Fabulous Life (9/8c, TLC): Whitney Way Thore is “kind of at a starting-over point” in the eighth season of the unscripted series about the unapologetically plus-size North Carolina native. She’s growing her online fitness business while putting a broken engagement behind her—and flirting with her new guy, a French tutor who lives in Paris. Oo-la-la!
  • Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail (10:30/9:30c, TBS): The settlers pause to celebrate the Fourth of July at the appropriately named Independence Rock, where Ezekiel’s enthusiastic patriotism is squashed by his pious new buzzkill bride, Phaedra (Erin Darke), when all he wants is to enjoy fireworks alongside Prudence (Geraldine Viswanathan). Breezing by on a float to give Zeke a reality check: Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown. Too bad he didn’t give one to Benny the Teen (Steve Buscemi), who worries he’s become too soft to still qualify as the Wild West’s No. 1 outlaw.