‘Berlin Station’ Explores Hector and Daniel’s Complicated Relationship

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The complicated synergy between CIA cronies Hector and Daniel (Rhys Ifans and Richard Armitage, above) will be revealed in flashbacks this week on Epix’s new original series, which follows a group of modern spies working in Germany.

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“They were on an operation together which went wrong,” teases Armitage of the relationship. “It was quite treacherous, and it’s bound them together. They know how each other ticks, and that becomes pretty useful.” The actor adds that Hector’s hard living and risk-taking both serve as a precautionary tale for Daniel’s own journey in their dangerous line of work. “I feel like Hector’s trotting a path that Daniel’s not far behind in terms of his relationship to the institution and the work that he’s doing.”

Meanwhile, CIA Deputy Chief Robert Kirsch (Leland Orser) works his own agenda in getting CIA Chief Steven Frost (Richard Jenkins) a promotion, but he may underestimate Frost’s own wants. “Everyone has a secret that they’re trying to keep covered up,” Orser says. “It’s a very jarring and unsettling episode because everyone is at the risk of being exposed.”

Berlin Station, Sunday, Nov. 6, 9/8c, Epix