MagellanTV Welcomes ‘Coming of Age: The ANC’s Hundred Years of Struggle’ to Its Library

Coming of Age MagellanTV
Courtesy of MagellanTV

MagellanTV is giving viewers their first look at Coming of Age: The ANC’s Hundred Years of Struggle, a documentary on the history of the African National Congress.

Making its U.S. premiere on Friday, July 16, the title takes a close look at the history of the oldest Black political organization. Along with serving as the U.S. premiere platform, MagellanTV is making the doc available to stream for free from July 16 through July 18 in honor of Nelson Mandela International Day (July 18).

Coming of Age highlights the ANC’s battle for freedom and justice while also celebrating Nelson Mandela’s commitment to bringing peace and democracy to South Africa. An annual holiday declared by the UN, Nelson Mandela International Day celebrates the former South African President’s contribution to culture and peace in the nation.

Along with making the title free, this means that non-subscribers can tune into MagellanTV to check it out. The platform houses several educational documentaries covering an array of topics, but you’ll have to subscribe in order to view them.

Magellan TV Nelson Mandela Day

(Credit: Courtesy of MagellanTV)

Don’t miss compelling discussions with the ANC’s leaders who lived through the dramatic episodes of the party’s political development in Coming of Age which is directed by Marion Edmunds and originally debuted in South Africa. Learn more about the history as the documentary delves into the values, ideals, and aspirations of a party as it moved towards liberation.

Catch Coming of Age: The ANC’s Hundred Years of Struggle on MagellanTV now, and if you miss out on the free window, don’t fret, the title will remain available to subscribers.

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