The 10 Most Unforgettable ‘Dr. Pimple Popper’ Cases (VIDEO)

The 10 Most Unforgettable ‘Dr. Pimple Popper’ Cases, Dr. Sandra Lee, Featured Image

Cysts and lipomas and keloids, oh my! Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper, has been changing people’s lives one procedure at a time on her TLC show of the same name.

As we await the series’ July 14 return, we look back at 10 of Dr. Lee’s most unforgettable patients since its 2018 premiere. Beware, these clips are not for the squeamish!

“Biggest cyst I’ve ever seen…”

While viewers have seen multiple cyst removals, none were quite like this one. Dr. Lee states this patient’s knee cyst is “the standing world record of Dr. Pimple Popper’s biggest cyst ever.” Nothing makes us happier than the look of joy on the patient’s face afterward.

Two Noses

In this clip, Dr. Lee’s patient is none other than her limousine driver. She notices he has a condition called Rhinophyma, which causes him to appear to have “two noses.” After removing the Rhinophyma tissue, he looks good as new!

Singing During Surgery

While removing a “talkative lipoma” on the back of a patient’s leg, Dr. Lee encourages her to sing something as a way to distract herself from the procedure. After showcasing her beautiful voice, her lipoma is successfully removed.

Giant Head Growths

After first meeting this patient over a video call, Dr. Lee analyzes multiple cysts on his head, the largest one being one of the biggest pilar cysts she’s ever seen. Calling it a “ticking time bomb,” she manages to remove it along with the other cysts before they cause further harm.

Six-Pound Lipoma

In a difficult procedure that Dr. Lee nicknames “Lipoma Impossible,” she removes a lipoma from a patient’s back that ends up weighing six pounds!

68 Lipoma Removal

In this clip, a patient comes in after having multiple lumps on her arms for many years. Dr. Lee diagnoses her with Familial Multiple Lipomatosis. A difficult removal procedure ends with a new record for Dr. Lee, having removed 68 lipomas in one go, with 38 on one arm and 30 on the other.

Scaly Skin

Dr. Lee faces a challenge trying to give a man answers about his dry, scaly skin. After consulting other dermatologists, she “wet wraps” his legs and diagnoses him with Hyperkeratosis and Ichthyosis. She is happy to see his skin’s drastic improvement when he returns for a follow-up visit.

Multiple Ear Keloids

This patient lived with keloids on her ears for 11 years before meeting Dr. Lee. Since some of the keloids spanned over a large surface area, the patient had the risk of losing part of her ear. Dr. Lee manages to remove the keloids, but not without difficulty.

55-Year-Old Blackhead

A patient comes in with a 55-year-old blackhead near her ear, which Dr. Lee calls a “unicorn” of a case due to its rarity. She classifies it as a Dilated Pore of Winer and removes what she calls “the biggest and oldest blackhead that I’ve ever seen.”

A Deserving Free Surgery

After Dr. Lee drained nearly a liter of fluid from a man’s back during a previous appointment, this patient came back with a case of Lymphangioma that has returned. Unable to remove the lump herself, Dr. Lee finds a doctor that will handle the procedure for free. The patient returned for a third visit—to show the surgery’s success to his “guardian angel.”

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