How HBO Max’s New Dating Show ‘FBoy Island’ Builds on ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

FBoy Island Poster

Love is in the air! HBO Max is taking the opportunity to dip its toes into the summer reality dating genre with FBoy Island, premiering on July 29. Fans of Bachelor in Paradise could find a lot to love in this new take on the genre that promises lots of sun, romance, and, of course, drama.

FBoy Island will have a tropical setting where three single ladies are joined by 24 men: 12 “nice guys” seeking love and 12 “FBoys” just in it for the money. The women will have to find out if the gentlemen are really there for them — or for themselves. And it’s sure to get interesting.

Find out how FBoy Island compares to Bachelor in Paradise and shakes up the formula below.

The Tropical Island

Bachelor In Paradise is shot in a resort in Mexico that really does feel like paradise. FBoy Island, like its name suggests, will take place on an island in the Caymans located in the Caribbean Sea. If there’s anything viewers can expect, it’s sun-kissed beaches, palm trees, and tropical drinks. Plus, an isolated island is sure to mean even more tension and we’re excited to see how the beautiful setting will play a part in the loveseekers’ relationships.

The Set-Up

The most important part of any dating show is, of course, the contestants, and FBoy Island is throwing a wrench in the process with its lineup. While Bachelor in Paradise usually has a roughly even number of men or women competing to find love and be the last couple standing, FBoy Island is completely different.

Not only are 24 men competing for three women, half of them aren’t even in it for love! While a lot of dating shows have deceptive contestants only chasing the clout and fame, none have ever made it a part of the show like this. Will the “FBoys” keep their eyes on the prize or will they find out that nice guys really can finish first?

The Hosts

The Bachelor mainstay Chris Harrison has hosted almost every iteration of the franchise but is now out of the franchise. The next season of Bachelor in Paradise will instead feature a rotating cast of celebrity guest hosts including Lance Bass, David Spade and Lil Jon.

FBoy Island will be hosted by comedian, actress and podcaster Nikki Glaser who’s sure to show off her comedic chops on the island.

Behind the Scenes

FBoy Island’s production team has some serious reality TV pedigree. The Bachelor executive producer Elan Gale created the show while Love is Blind showrunner Sam Dean will apply his experience to a completely different social experiment when he serves in the same role on the new series.

With talent like this behind the scenes, FBoy Island is sure to bring all the spice and drama that dating show fans have come to know and love over the years.

FBoy Island, Series Premiere, Thursday, July 29, HBO MAX