‘FBI: Most Wanted’ Exit: Nathaniel Arcand Has Said Goodbye to Clinton Skye

Nathaniel Arcand FBI Most Wanted Special Agent Clinton Skye
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Nathaniel Arcand’s Special Agent Clinton Skye went on a special assignment in FBI: Most Wanted Season 2 … and it seems like he may remain on it permanently.

Arcand will not be returning to the CBS drama, with the actor himself sharing the news in an Instagram post bidding adieu to his character. “Moving On,” he wrote, along with “Moving Forward” and “Don’t Look Back” — and included hashtags for all three along with his character’s name. “Must Say Bye. Bye,” he concluded.

Arcand was last seen in the third episode of Season 2. The Fugitive Task Force, however, was not down an agent for long; Miguel Gomez joined the cast as Ivan Ortiz in the eighth episode.

But Clinton’s absence has especially been noticeable as FBI: Most Wanted delved into his brother-in-law Jess LaCroix’s (Julian McMahon) personal life. Jess’ father Byron (Terry O’Quinn) not only popped up but also got married. It will be particularly glaring if either Jess or Jess’ daughter Tali (YaYa Gosselin) is injured in the finale-ending shooting and Clinton doesn’t show up. At the very least, we expect someone to mention why he’s not there.

With Clinton not returning to the team, we expect that not only is Ortiz not going anywhere but that we perhaps don’t have to worry quite so much about Kenny Crosby (Kellan Lutz), who had gone down the hall ahead of Jess immediately before we heard gunshots at the close of the finale.


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