Salman Rushdie Channels Chip Gaines on ‘Tooning Out the News’ (VIDEO)

Paramount+’s political satire series Stephen Colbert Presents: Tooning Out the News is adding a new segment to its lineup with “Smart Talk Tonight,” which places real-life newsmakers in the spotlight.

In the inaugural segment airing Thursday, June 10, acclaimed author Salman Rushdie sits down with veteran newsman cartoon character Kenneth Parsons (voiced by Graham Techler) for an interview and we have your exclusive first look.

“I hate to be gauche, but would you be willing to do a reading for us?” the cartoon newsman asks Rushdie who readily agrees. But it’s the book choice that will leave viewers bubbling with laughter.

“Now, Salman, I’m sure you’ve committed this passage to memory, but just in case, this is from Chip GainesNo Pain, No Gaines,” Kenneth say, introducing the reading in question.” Of course, Chip Gaines and his wife Joanna are well known for their work with HGTV and their fan-favorite series Fixer Upper.

Tooning Out the News Salman Rushdie

(Credit: Paramount+)

Whether that means something to Rushdie or not is unclear, but he does open up about how the passage makes him feel after reading it. Catch the hilarious sneak peek clip, above, to find out and don’t miss more “Smart Talk Tonight” segments on Stephen Colbert Presents: Tooning Out the News.

Stephen Colbert Presents: Tooning Out the News, New Episode, Thursday, June 10, Paramount+