‘Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries’ Season 2 Explores an Uncertain Romance

Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Geraldine Hakewill
Jackson Finter/AcornTV

Leave the back-alley corpses to the Sam Spades. When amateur private detective Peregrine Fisher (the luminous Geraldine Hakewill) is investigating in 1960s Melbourne, the bodies manage to fall in bright, colorful locations.

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Plus, watch an exclusive sneak peek clip from the Acorn TV series.

Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries‘ Season 2 crime scenes include a school for air hostesses, the luxe home of a modernist architect and, no joke, a dog show where a collie is Suspect No. 1. (For added eye candy, don’t even get us started on Peregrine’s divine wardrobe of patterned shift dresses and mod boots!)

Her flirty collaboration with Det. James Steed (Joel Jackson) has intensified: They’re in love, but will she lose herself in committing to him?

Ms Fisher's Modern Mysteries Geraldine Hakewill Joel Jackson

(Credit: Jackson Finter/AcornTV)

“The very qualities they admire in each other — his steadfastness and integrity, her exuberant attitude toward life — are the qualities that trouble them,” says exec producer Deb Cox. Stay tuned to see how the Case of the Independent Aussie ends! And get an exclusive sneak peek with the clip, below.

Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, Season Premiere, Monday, June 7, Acorn TV