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Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

Ms. Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries - Acorn TV


Crime drama

Peregrine Fisher sets out to become a private detective under guidance of The Adventuresses’ Club.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

After the emotionally harrowing Mare of Easttown finale, maybe the time is right for a breezily inconsequential mystery series set in the swinging 1960s. Geraldine Hakewill is self-styled private detective Peregrine Fisher, niece of the renowned Phryne from the original Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries of the roaring ’20s. Sporting flashy mod fashions while incessantly flirting with her beau, the prim Detective James Steed (Joel Jackson), Peregrine meddles and solves crimes in 1964 Melbourne. In the first of two episodes launching the spinoff’s second season, she’s understandably intrigued by the free-love atmosphere within a household where an acclaimed architect has been found cooked alive in a sauna of his own design, alongside a woman after a night of partner-swapping. How gruesomely groovy!

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