Greg Poehler

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Actor • Comedian • Producer • Writer

Birth Date: October 11, 1974

Age: 49 years old

Siblings: Amy Poehler

Greg Poehler is the younger brother of actress, comedian, producer and writer Amy Poehler; he created and starred in the autobiographical sitcom "Welcome To Sweden" (NBC 2014-15).

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Poehler was raised in Burlington, Vermont, and graduated from Boston College in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts. He later attended Fordham Law School, where he earned his JD. After working as an attorney in New York and Massachusetts, Poehler made an unusual decision in 2006 when he impulsively moved to Sweden with his Swedish-born girlfriend. That same year he graduated from Stockholm University with a Masters degree in intellectual property law.

Following his graduation, Poehler practiced law in Sweden and in New York City. After a relatively successful attempt at pursuing a career in stand-up comedy, Poehler abandoned his day job as a lawyer to pursue a career in entertainment. In March 2014 Poehler's sitcom "Welcome to Sweden" premiered on Swedish television, and began airing in the United States that summer. Poehler played New York City accountant Bruce Evans, who moves to Sweden to live with his fiancée Emma. The show mirrored the real life experiences Poehler had when he relocated to Sweden with his girlfriend, and co-starred Swedish actress Lena Olin as his fiancée's disapproving mother. The show, which was almost immediately renewed for a second season, was produced by Poehler's sister, who also appeared in the pilot episode as one of Bruce's clients.

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