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Birth Date: February 3, 1982

Age: 41 years old

Birth Place: Carlsbad, California

Actress Bridget Regan was most commonly known for her roles in television dramas. At the beginning of her acting career, Regan appeared in various dramas like "Love Monkey" (CBS, 2005-06) and "New Amsterdam" (Fox, 2007-08). She had an early role on the television special "Alexander Hamilton" (PBS, 2006-07). She also took on a few movie roles at the time, appearing in the Sarah Jessica Parker blockbuster dramatic adaptation "Sex and the City" (2008). Regan also contributed music to the dramatic adaptation "P.S. I Love You" (2007) with Hilary Swank. She continued to work steadily in television dramas throughout the early 2000s and the 2010s, appearing on "NCIS: Los Angeles" (CBS, 2009-), "White Collar" (USA, 2009-2014) and "Person of Interest" (CBS, 2011-). Regan also created music for "Leap Year" (2010). More recently, she tackled roles on "Beauty and the Beast" (2012-16), "Marvel's Agent Carter" (ABC, 2014-16) and "Jane the Virgin" (CW, 2014-). She also appeared in "John Wick" (2014) with Keanu Reeves. Most recently, Regan appeared in "The Leisure Class" (HBO, 2015-).

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