9 Takeaways From the ‘Yellowstone’ Trailer for the Final 3 Season 2 Episodes (PHOTOS)

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Yellowstone trailer
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Yellowstone meeting
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That “enemy of my enemy is my …” meeting is happening

In Episode 6, John realized that the Beck brothers were responsible for killing his cattle and told Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston) that they and Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) need to sit down and clear the air. Those three will never be friends — they’ll be back at each other’s throats (sorry, Dan) as soon as this problem is taken care of — but they can agree on one thing: the Beck brothers need to be handled.

And Dan is in agreement with John when it comes to taking on their new enemies, who “don’t play fair”: “We should kill them.”

Yellowstone Beth injuries
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Beth needs time to heal

After that attack in Episode 7, Beth is bloody and bruised and has to be suffering psychological effects as well. (But we do think that Rip’s “I love you” came at the right time, just like she wanted: when it saved her.)

Yellowstone Beth Malcolm
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Monica’s probably going to learn all about the “family business” and those “wolves”

When Kayce returned to bed after dealing with Malcolm’s men, Monica asked where he’d been. “There were wolves down by the barn,” he told her. “They’re everywhere here.” (As John later told his son, Monica didn’t buy that for a second, though calling them animals is certainly one way to describe the Becks.)

But Beth and Monica’s conversation in the trailer suggests Kayce’s wife may learn more about what’s really going on with the Duttons sooner rather than later. “Don’t worry. It wasn’t my father and it wasn’t my boyfriend. This is business,” Beth assures the other woman of her injuries, and when Monica asks “what kind of business,” Beth tells her, “the family business.”

Yellowstone violence
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The war with the Beck brothers will claim more lives

Not only is at least one person shot, but there’s also an explosion. We can’t tell who’s responsible for any of the violence, but we think it’s safe to assume that the Beck brothers are to blame — whether they did it, hired someone else, or are the targets.

Yellowstone Dan
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Has trouble come to Dan’s doorstep?

It looks like Dan’s hiding from someone and goes for his gun in a drawer. Have the Beck brothers — or men they sent — broken in?

Yellowstone Teal
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Malcolm didn’t take the Duttons’ message to heart

“How far you want to take this thing?” Teal asks his brother. “They’re not leaving us much choice,” Malcolm replies. “We take this all the way.” In other words, we should probably be very concerned by what they plan to do next.

Yellowstone Malcolm
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Malcolm probably won’t be arrested

We see Malcolm in back of a car, with police cars behind him. But something tells us he’s not going to be arrested because he doesn’t look worried.

Yellowstone Beth
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Will Beth get her revenge?

“I will kill you with my bare hands,” she says, but the preview doesn’t show to whom. Dare we hope she’s speaking to Malcolm?

Yellowstone - Kelsey Asbille as Monica Long
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Should we be worried about Monica?

Between the warning “it’s always the innocent who pay most dearly” and what looks like men trying to hold back Kayce (plus their recent reunion), we can’t help but worry that she could pay the price in this war.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers through Season 2, Episode 7 of Yellowstone, “Resurrection Day.”]

The Beck brothers need to die. And there are only three episodes left to make that happen this season.

Paramount Network released a trailer for the final episodes of Season 2, and it doesn’t look like the message the Duttons left in response to Malcolm (Neal McDonough) sending men after Beth (Kelly Reilly) was enough. So, if leaving the men’s bloody bodies, with a note stabbed into one of their chests, didn’t work, is there any way for this to end without one side killing the other?

It doesn’t look like it, and John (Kevin Costner) isn’t the only one calling for the Beck brothers’ heads. Click through the gallery above for the major takeaways from the new preview.

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