10 Comic Easter Eggs From ‘Watchmen’ Episode 6 (PHOTOS)

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Minutemen Homage

In the opening title sequence, Watchmen disappears and is replaced with Minutemen, which is an homage to the original “costumed adventurers” that worked fighting crime in the comics. Considering the episode’s importance regarding Hooded Justice, this title change serves as a nice tease of what’s to come.

Watchmen s1ep6 2

Homage Within an Homage

Cheyenne Jackson appeared in the American Hero Story series within Watchmen, and although this isn’t related to the comics, his presence is still a callback. The series within the series is a play on American Horror Story, in which Jackson has also appeared.

Watchmen s1ep6 3

Through Prison Bars

Perhaps a little less agressive, Lauire’s (Jean Smart) request for Angela (Regina King) to sign a waiver through prison bars would remind you of the visuals presented during Rorschach’s time in prison when Big Figure antagonizes him from behind bars.

Watchmen s1ep6 4

Role Models

When Will (Jovan Adepo) accepts his badge from Lieutenant Battle (Philly Plowden), he mentions that he was inspired to join the force because of him. This role model status is similar to how Dan Dreiberg was inspired by Hollis Mason or Captain Metropolis by Hooded Justice.

Watchmen s1ep6 5


Newsstands play a recurring role in this series as they did in the graphic novel. In this case, Will repeatedly converses with the man peddling news to customers.

Watchmen s1ep6 6

Alley Fight

When Will stumbles away from the officers who attacked him, he witnesses a couple being violently attacked and something snaps. He puts the hood on his head and takes action. This scene could be seen as a callback to Laurie and Dan’s alley scuffle.

Watchmen s1ep6 7

Headline News

When Rose (Danielle Deadwyler) reveals that Will made headline news after saving the couple being attacked in an alley, it’s an homage to the articles which accompanied the original comics. In those partial segments, readers were introduced to the first masked vigilantes and their origins, including Hooded Justice.

Watchmen s1ep6 8

Two Sides to One Window

In the original comic, it was said that Hooded Justice stopped a robbery in a grocer’s shop by crashing through the window of the store front. This is depicted in an earlier episode through American Hero Story, but Will’s version is a bit different as he crashes out of the grocer’s shop in an escape effort.

Watchmen s1ep6 9

A “Secret” Relationship

In the original Watchmen comics, it was hinted that Hooded Justice and Captain Metropolis (Jake McDorman) were in a relationship behind the scenes. Viewers got “confirmation” on this detail in the episode.

Watchmen s1ep6 10

Minutemen Press Conference

The press conference where Captain Metropolis introduces Hooded Justice as the newest Minutemen member is a visual plucked from the pages of the graphic novel. Despite the new context given, the scenario shown is still the same.

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[Warning: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1, Episode 6 of Watchmen, “This Extraordinary Being.”]

Watchmen‘s latest installment, “This Extraordinary Being,” dug more deeply into the history presented in the original graphic novel in a way that previous episodes have not. Will Reeves (Jovan Adepo) was front and center as Angela (Regina King) relived his traumatic past after ingesting his Nostalgia pills.

The disorienting nature of the episode sees Angela fill in as Will at some points, exhibiting her growing understanding of who her grandfather really is. Along the way she learns he’s the Hooded Justice, who is Watchmen‘s original “costumed adventurer” and eventual member of the Minutemen.

In the gallery above, we look at a few of the Easter eggs presented in the emotional chapter. Let us know which ones you picked up on from the episode in the comments below.

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