10 Comic Easter Eggs From 'Watchmen' Episode 6 (PHOTOS)

Meaghan Darwish

[Warning: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 1, Episode 6 of Watchmen, "This Extraordinary Being."]

Watchmen's latest installment, "This Extraordinary Being," dug more deeply into the history presented in the original graphic novel in a way that previous episodes have not. Will Reeves (Jovan Adepo) was front and center as Angela (Regina King) relived his traumatic past after ingesting his Nostalgia pills.

The disorienting nature of the episode sees Angela fill in as Will at some points, exhibiting her growing understanding of who her grandfather really is. Along the way she learns he's the Hooded Justice, who is Watchmen's original "costumed adventurer" and eventual member of the Minutemen.

In the gallery above, we look at a few of the Easter eggs presented in the emotional chapter. Let us know which ones you picked up on from the episode in the comments below.

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