‘The Magicians’ Stars React to Syfy Series Ending With Season 5 (PHOTOS)

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The Magicians Ending Cast Reaction
Jason Bell/Syfy
The Magicians Ending Summer Bishil Reaction
Summer Bishil/Instagram

Summer Bishil’s first acknowledgement of the series ending was this photo on Instagram, alongside a simple “thank you” with heart emojis.

Sera Gamble Reacts The Magicians Ending
Kent Horner/SYFY

Following the “sad” news breaking, Sera Gamble wrote on Twitter, “Getting to make this show, with a family that is both talented and kind, for a huge-hearted audience, has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. And a true example of epic cooperative magic. I just want to say: thank you.”

The Magicians Ending Sera Gamble Reaction
Evans Vestal Ward/SYFY

Gamble posted a longer thread later reacting to fans’ messages. “Not sure why I wasn’t braced for it, but it’s emotional to read what the show means to people,” she tweeted. “Being part of making something that moves another person is an honor. Didn’t want to let the day go by without saying I see you.”

The Magicians - Felicia Day Reaction
Eric Milner/Syfy/NBCU Photo Bank

“So honored to have been part of this show,” Felicia Day wrote on Twitter, adding that Sera Gamble and John McNamara “are brilliant creators and the cast is so wonderful. Can’t wait to see more of all their work in future projects.”

The Magicians Ending Kacey Rohl Reaction
Kacey Rohl/Instagram

Kacey Rohl revealed in her Instagram post that the series “came along at a time in my life when i desperately needed to find my inner bad ass // when i needed to step up or step off // when i needed to start taking up more space.”

“Having the opportunity to hold this absolute queen as a touchstone in that arena all these years has been a gift previously unimaginable,” she continued. “Getting to play an opinionated + saucy woman deeply in touch with her power + sexuality has opened me & affirmed me on core levels as a human bean in this wild world that words don’t suffice to explain (maybe a leather clad dance…?)”

She concluded with a thank you to the cast, crew, and fans. “You’re all angels to me,” she wrote. “Your HBIC forev’s”

The Magicians Ending Summer Bishil Set Selfie
Summer Bishil/Instagram

Bishil also posted this photo from the first day alongside a photo of the first day kick off dinner on Instagram.

The Magicians Ending Arjun Gupta Reaction
James Dittinger/SYFY

Arjun Gupta shared a heartfelt video, which he called “a love note,” expressing his thanks to the fans and crew on Instagram. “I wanted to reach out and just say thank you to all of you fans who I actually prefer calling supporters,” he began. “I feel like you guys have been a bigger part of this show than being traditional fans.”

“It’s been really overwhelming and humbling to read everyone’s posts in the last 24 hours about how much this show has impacted them and I think as artists that’s really all we want, is to be a part of something that reaches people and can start conversation and engage with them and it means something to them and so thank you for being a part of this journey with us,” he continued. “I will forever appreciate each and every one of them.”

He proceeded to call the crew “a dream.” “We were blessed with the best crew and everyone that came in and out over the last five years has just been an amazing person to work with and I genuinely love you and I genuinely thank you so much,” he said. “You guys are huge parts of the show. Everyone brought your artistry, their professionalism, and their care.”

The Magicians Ending Summer Bishil Trevor Einhorn Set
Summer Bishil/Instagram

“I’ll miss his reactions to all my EXTRA,” Bishil wrote alongside a photo with Trevor Einhorn.

The Magicians Ending Rick Worthy Reaction
Rick Worthy/Instagram

Rick Worthy began his post on Instagram with a thank you to the fans. “We existed because of you,” he wrote.

“We worked SO VERY HARD making this wonderful and unique TV series about Magic week to week for 5 years .. I learned so much .. Not only about myself, but a macro-perspective on the people both within and without “The Industry” and the mechanisms of running a successful Television Program,” he continued. “And as I write this, in honor of easily one of the BEST Characters ever in my charge, in a career of 33 years (and counting! :)), Dean Henry Fogg .. I salute you Henry .. And I sip a fine, fine Scotch in a very cool, off the grid hotel in honour of you.”

The Magicians Ending Olivia Taylor Dudley Reaction
Eric Milner/SYFY

Olivia Taylor Dudley called the series “the most Magical 5 years a girl could ask for” on Twitter. “I love my Magicians family with all my heart. Thank you to the beautiful fans who showed us so much love and kindness. Alice will always be a part of me.”

Olivia Taylor Dudley The Magicians Ending Reaction
Olivia Taylor Dudley/Instagram

The actress who plays Alice posted a lengthier message on Instagram alongside a photo from the first week of filming. “To say this show changed my life would be an understatement,” she wrote. “It has been the most magical gift, and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. Playing Alice Quinn has been an honor. I love her dearly and I will miss her so.”

“Thank you Lev for writing these books with beautiful worlds that we all got to play in for 5 years. I can’t thank our incredible Showrunners, EP’s, Directors, Writers, Studio/Network, and Crew enough,” she continued. “This cast and crew is my family and it’s going to take me a while to process not getting to spend 16 hours a day with them. Every person involved in this show poured their hearts and souls into every moment and I’m forever grateful for them.”

She concluded with thanks for the fans, describing them as “the most passionate giving people out there. Thank you for making this experience so moving and heartfelt. I love you.”

The Magicians Ending Summer Bishil Set Chairs
Summer Bishil/Instagram

Alongside a photo of her and Hale Appleman’s chairs on set, Bishil wrote, “It was the most creatively fulfilling part of my career to have a scene partner like Hale Appleman love him to the moon and back and loved this photo a friend took when I shot my last scene of the show on the last night of filming with @halebofosho it was nice way to close out the last five years.”

The Magicians Ending Trevor Einhorn Reaction
Trevor Einhorn/Instagram

“‘Act out’- Josh Hoberman,” Trevor Einhorn captioned this photo on Instagram, thanking the show “for the past 5 years. It was a gift beyond measure.”

The Magicians Ending Summer Bishil Margo Quote Reaction
Eric Milner/SYFY

Bishil channeled her character for her farewell on Twitter. “Well s**t,” she wrote. “In a time like this Margo would quote ‘Yes, there were times, I’m sure you knew / When I bit off more than I could chew / And through it all, whenever there was doubt / I ate it up and spit it out / I faced it all and I stood tall / And did it, did it my way.”

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All good things must (sadly) come to an end. And Syfy’s The Magicians is certainly a very, very good thing.

The network announced Tuesday that the series will be ending after five seasons, with the finale set for April 1. “Because of you, magic will be in our hearts forever,” the network told fans in a statement.

Executive producers Sera Gamble and John McNamara spoke with TV Insider about why now is the right time to say goodbye, but that doesn’t make bidding adieu any easier.

Click through the gallery above to see the farewell messages and photos the stars and producers shared across social media.

The Magicians, Wednesdays, 10/9c, Syfy