‘The 100’: Which Characters Won’t Survive the Final Season?

The 100 prequel pilot anaconda
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It’s been a strangely bloodless first half of The 100’s final season. Unless you’re counting Bellamy (Bob Morley), and let’s be real, there’s no way Bellamy is gone for good. But other than that “death,” we haven’t seen any main characters bite the dust. It all begs the question: when will the body count rise?

It’s practically a given that we’ll lose at least one major character in the next eight episodes, and survival chances are looking better for some than others. Here are six characters we’re worried about, and three we’re almost certain will make it.

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The Queen's Gambit
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Echo (Tasya Teles) tops the list of our death predictions for several reasons. First, she’s slipped far enough into the deep end that once she reunites with Bellamy—if she does at all—there’s a chance he won’t even recognize her anymore. This show tends not to be kind to characters who lose themselves in the pursuit of revenge (which is why Marie Avgeropoulos’s Octavia suffered for several seasons), and since this is the last batch of episodes, Echo doesn’t have a lot of time to redeem herself. Keeping that in mind, it’s possible she dies a redemptive death to end her story on a peaceful note.

The 100 Season 7 Episode 6
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Ranking just below Echo on our list is everyone’s favorite cockroach: John Murphy (Richard Harmon). The reason? Because he’s been billed as a cockroach for so many seasons, there’s significant irony to be mined from his death, and he’s been making a point to try to be a hero lately. Being a hero is great and all, but it might get him killed. Fingers crossed this cockroach skitters away into the sunset at the end of the series.

The Old Man and the Anomaly
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This show loves to make its characters suffer, and she’s currently in danger. We hope Emori (Luisa D’Oliveira) wouldn’t die just so that Murphy can be heartbroken about it, but it might make for an interesting storyline if he had to grapple with whether or not to resurrect her using the mind drive in her neck.

From the Ashes
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Indra (Adina Porter) has had a TON to do this season, which is great—but it also concerns us. She’s at the heart of the Sheidheda storyline, and it’s clear there’s plenty of bad blood between her and the Dark Commander. She’d best keep her guard up, because Sheid-Russell (JR Bourne) will undoubtedly be looking for a way to take her out of the equation. Plus, it’d tug at everyone’s heartstrings if O makes it back to Sanctum and asks where Indra is.

Memento Mori
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She’s reunited with Hope and Octavia and had her badass “escaping-from-the-holding-room” scene. She’s had a heart-to-heart with her daughter about her past, her dad and their relationship. So… what’s keeping Diyoza (Ivana Millicevic) around, plot-wise? Not a whole lot. It’d be just like The 100 to take Hope (Shelby Flanery)’s mom away from her right after they’ve reconnected.

The 100 Octavia Blake
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WORRIED: Octavia

Speaking of never getting back together again, we’re not quite sure Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) is in the clear. While it’s more likely Echo dies a redemptive death and O lives to fight another day, we’re still worried she might end up sacrificing herself to save her brother somehow. We’re hoping The 100 sees fit to give her the happy ending she deserves (with Levitt!).

The Blood of Sanctum
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SAFE: Madi

Madi (Lola Flanery) had her big, life-threatening moment last season: it’s not likely they’ll repeat that again. Plus, even if she’s the “key” to everything, it’s unlikely The 100 will kill a kid—this show is dark, but it’s not that dark!

From the Ashes
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SAFE: Jordan

Because he’s the offspring of Monty (Chris Larkin) and Harper (Chelsey Reist), we’re willing to bet this eternally optimistic, socially awkward good guy survives through the end. Also, he hasn’t had a whole lot to do lately, so there isn’t really a reason to kill him off.

The Blood of Sanctum

SAFE: Bellamy

Whether or not Clarke (Eliza Taylor) makes it or they end up as a couple in the end, we’re betting Bellamy lives. Why? His absence in the first half of the season and presumed death would greatly lessen the impact if he did actually die; if the show was planning on killing him off for real, it likely wouldn’t have pretended he was dead for most of the first eight episodes.