7 Questions the ‘Supernatural’ Season 14 Finale Set up for the Series’ End (PHOTOS)

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Supernatural zombies
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How Will Sam, Dean, and Castiel Escape the Zombies?

First things first, they have to survive the zombies closing in on them in the cemetery. And once they do, they need to take care of Sam’s injured shoulder from his attempt to shoot God with the gun.

Supernatural Bloody Mary
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Will Season 15 Feature Monster Blasts from the Past?

When God unleashes the souls from Hell, that includes a couple familiar monsters, like a Woman in White, Bloody Mary, and a killer clown. Will Sam and Dean have to fight monsters they’ve already defeated in the final season?

Supernatural God
The CW

Will God Be a Hands-on Villain?

Though God has been hands-off for the most part, he’s now at the center of the fight. Could this mean God being a recurring character in the final season?

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Can They Stop God?

Sam uses the gun that God made to stop Jack on him, but all it does is make God angry. Is there a weapon to kill him?

Even if there is or they make one, God says if he dies, existence does, too. So, while Death has said he’d reap God, that can’t happen yet … right?

Supernatural Billie Jack
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What Is Billie’s Plan for Jack?

After God kills Jack, he wakes up in The Empty. However, Billie shows up with her scythe. “We should talk,” she tells him. It looks like Jack’s time on the show isn’t over quite yet.

Jack Rowand/The CW

Will Sam and Dean Both Survive This Fight?

God tells Sam that he and his brother are his favorite version of the Winchesters across the multiverse, but after the events of the finale, that’s likely not the case anymore. However, Billie may become an ally.

Diyah Pera/The CW

When Will Castiel’s Deal With the Empty Come Into Play?

Earlier in Season 14, Castiel made a deal with The Empty that will result in The Empty taking him when he’s happy. Considering the threat at hand, that likely won’t happen anytime soon, but the series can’t end without addressing it.

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for the Season 14 finale of Supernatural, “Moriah.”]

“Welcome to the end.” With those words, God (Rob Benedict) kicks off the story for the end of Supernatural.

The Ma’lak box can’t hold Jack (Alexander Calvert), but Dean (Jensen Ackles) is determined to find a way to kill him in the Season 14 finale. Sam (Jared Padalecki) isn’t quite on board, but he doesn’t walk away like Castiel (Misha Collins) does at the thought. But is there any way to stop Jack? God may have one.

After hearing everyone lying to each other, Jack orders the world to “stop lying” — and they do. When God returns, he fixes the world and it’s like nothing happened.

For the first time, we also see him get very, very mad when Dean smashes his guitar and demands he tell them where he’s been. As he explains, God only intervenes during apocalyptic times, and Jack qualifies as one. He even has a way to stop him: a gun.

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The gun sends a wave of multidimensional energy across a balanced quantum link between whoever shoots it and their target. In other words, whatever happens to the person they’re aiming at happens to the shooter. Dean is willing to sacrifice himself to take out Jack — until the moment he’s aiming at him.

When he refuses to kill Jack, God steps in. “This isn’t how the story’s supposed to end,” he says. “The father killing his own son, this is Abraham and Isaac. This is epic.” Sam realizes God has been playing them their entire lives. He wrote it all, and this is God’s favorite story.

“This isn’t just a story. It’s our lives,” Dean tells him. “So, God or no God, you go to Hell.” Instead, God brings Hell to them. He kills Jack and unleashes the souls from Hell.

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