First Look at Flashbacks to Dex & Benny’s Past on ‘Stumptown’ (PHOTOS)

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Stumptown Episode 17 The Dex Files Benny Flashback Photos
ABC/Jessica Brooks
Sam Marra Stumptown Episode 17 Benny
ABC/Jessica Brooks

Meet Benny (Sam Marra).

Stumptown Episode 17 Benny Flashback
ABC/Jessica Brooks

Looks like someone’s caught his eye.

Stumptown Episode 17 Dex Benny Flashback
ABC/Jessica Brooks

Dex (Cobie Smulders) and Benny

Cobie Smulders Sam Marra Stumptown Episode 17 Flashback
ABC/Jessica Brooks

What does Dex think of Benny?

Stumptown Episode 17 Benny Surprise
ABC/Jessica Brooks

What does Benny have planned?

Stumptown Episode 17 Benny Dex Moment
ABC/Jessica Brooks

Oh, simpler times

Stumptown Episode 17 Benny Dex Relationship
ABC/Jessica Brooks

Looks like it’s getting emotional.

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Ready to delve into Dex’s (Cobie Smulders) past?

As she looks for answers about Benny’s death in Wednesday’s episode of Stumptown, we’ll get a look at their history. (Jeremy told her in “All Quiet on the Dextern Front” that there are things she doesn’t know about that night and a subsequent investigation.) TV Insider has an exclusive first look at Sam Marra debuting as Benjamin Blackbird in flashbacks with Dex in the gallery above.

In “The Dex Files,” Jeremy introduces her to Major Elders (Michael Beach), who has intel on Benny’s death. Suspicious of the information and seeking answers, Dex investigates a potential cover up involving Benny’s unit in Afghanistan.

Elsewhere in the episode, Hoffman (Michael Ealy) and Lee (Fiona Rene) work closely on a sting operation that involves a familiar face, and Grey’s (Jake Johnson) newfound relationship with his father is tested.

Stumptown, Wednesdays, 10/9c, ABC