Meet the Regal Cast of the New Shondaland Drama 'Still Star-Crossed'

Michael Logan

Shakespeare’s classic tearjerker Romeo and Juliet ends with the deaths of its lusty young lovers—and a note of hope that the grieving Montagues and Capulets might finally cease their age-old feud. But there’s no such luck in the sexy, swoony sequel Still Star-Crossed. Created by former Scandal scribe Heather Mitchell and based on Melinda Taub’s hit young-adult novel of the same name, this multiethnic, multicultural series dumps the Bard’s promising conclusion and lets all-out war erupt at Romeo and Juliet’s funeral. Soon, fair Verona is a city in crisis, yet there’s still lots of time for marvelously messy romance. “This show is for everyone who can relate to the giddy, crazy rush of first love,” Mitchell says. “And who hasn’t watched as a friend falls for the wrong person? We’ve all been a bystander at that car crash!” Here’s a cheat sheet of the power players.

Still Star-Crossed, Series Premiere, Monday, May 29, 10/9c, ABC