7 Times 'Songland' Season 2 Highlighted the Hard Work of Songwriters

Kate Monger
Songland, Usher, Shane McAnally, Ester Dean, Ryan Tedder, NBC
Trae Patton/NBC

NBC’s Songland is the first competition show created purely for songwriters. Creator and musician David A. Stewart developed its premise based on the idea that much of the success of well-made songs is credited to singers, when in reality, songwriters put in the hard work to build the tunes from the ground up.

In order to bring more recognition to songwriters, Songland was brought to life to give up-and-coming writers the chance to showcase their journeys and work with some of the greats. The hope was that viewers would see how hard these contestants work at creating their songs, and as a result, the role of songwriters in the music industry as a whole would come out of the shadows.

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The show was able to achieve just that. From writing the lyrics to mastering the right beat, it is easy to see just how much soul and energy these artists put into their pieces. Those behind the competition certainly achieved their mission of documenting their vital role in music.

Below are seven moments that prove that Songland was successful in highlighting the hard work of songwriters.