Meet the Cast of Ridley Scott’s ‘Raised by Wolves’ on TNT (PHOTOS)

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Raised By Wolves
Dewy This/Instagram, Rich Fury/Getty Images for BAFTA LA & themcgrathbrosfanpage/Instagram
Raised By Wolves - Amanda Collin

Amanda Collin (Mother)

As the android Mother, Collin’s character has been tasked to raise human children on a faraway planet. There, she’ll try to keep them from believing in the unreal since religious differences were the cause of Earth’s destruction. She hopes that her family will serve as a positive example for a peaceful “technocratic colony.” But she struggles with her duty to shape the minds of the young humans and begins uncovering secrets from her own programming that can both protect and destroy her family.

Abubakar Salim attends the 2018 British Academy Britannia Awards
Rich Fury/Getty Images for BAFTA LA

Abubakar Salim (Father)

As Father, the second android raising human children, Salim’s character is devoted both to his human children as well as Mother. Less complex than Mother, Father is notably wise and patient making him a valuable asset to the family’s survival. Always there when you need him, Father struggles with trying to be funny — one thing he wants to be in the eyes of Mother and his children.

Raised By Wolves winta mcgrath

Winta McGrath (Campion)

Twelve-year-old Campion has been raised by Mother and Father since his birth. Upon the arrival of a human ship from Earth, he is exposed to religion for the first time forcing him to question if his android parents really know what’s best for him.

Travis Fimmel attends the IWC Schaffhausen Gala
Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images for IWC

Travis Fimmel (Marcus)

Charismatic soldier Marcus was the ultimate survivor on Earth, and in order to escape the planet, he and wife Sue made a dangerous choice that must be kept a secret. Upon their arrival in the new world, Marcus struggles with reconciling his past sins and continues embracing his deadly instincts.

Raised By Wolves - Niamh Algar

Niamh Algar (Sue)

This strong, resourceful combat medic ultimately decides to leave Earth for the new world at husband Marcus’ urging. Once she gets to the new planet, fear of the unknown and unforeseen dangers threaten to ruin the promise of a better life. She’ll question if the choice to leave home was worth it.

Raised By Wolves - Felix Jamieson
Ribeye Films

Felix Jamieson (Paul)

As the 12-year-old son of Sue and Marcus, Paul’s faith in both his religion and his father are strong. After feeling like an outsider on Earth, the boy finds himself in a “complicated” friendship and rivalry with Campion. In their time getting to know one another, Paul and Campion learn from and challenge each other.

Raised By Wolves - Ethan Hazzard

Ethan Hazzard (Hunter)

The highly intelligent 17-year-old was the son of a man on Earth who held high-ranking power among the religious order. Now in a new world and without the benefit of his father’s position, Hunter will have to adapt to his new role as an everyday member of society.

Raised By Wolves - Jordan Loughran

Jordan Loughran (Tempest)

After arriving in the new world, the 17-year-old who never had a connection to her family’s religion, finds herself revering Mother and Father as superior beings. She soon discovers that she’s pregnant as a result of rape by one of the high-ranking members of her former church.

Raised By Wolves - Aasiya Shah
Ruth Crafer

Aasiya Shah (Holly)

This 15-year-old is a “burgeoning warrior” who is doing her best to find a place in the new world.

Raised By Wolves ivy wong

Ivy Wong (Vita)

The 6-year-old actress will play the the youngest and most fearless member of the family.

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TNT has revealed its principal cast for its highly anticipated sci-fi series, Raised by Wolves. From acclaimed filmmaker Ridley Scott (The Martian, Alien, The Terror), Raised by Wolves marks his TV directorial debut.

Accomplished storyteller Aaron Guzoikowski (Prisoners) serves as the series’ writer and showunner for this production, which will begin filming in Cape Town, South Africa in February.

Raised by Wolves tells the story of two androids who are raising human children “on a mysterious virgin planet.” When religious differences threaten to tear the human colony apart, the androids learn that controlling their beliefs is harder than imagined.

Above, meet the cast of fresh-faced stars who will feature in the series!

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