Celebrate Angel and Papi’s Wedding With the ‘Pose’ Couple’s Best Moments


Wedding bells are ringing! Everyone’s favorite Pose couple, Angel and Papi (Indya Moore and Angel Bismark Curiel), might finally be tying the knot…if all goes well, that is.

After May 23’s episode “Something Borrowed, Something Blue,” this Sunday’s “Something Old, Something New” signals that the couple’s four-year engagement will likely end in a wedding ceremony, but that’s not without plenty of bumps in the road.

Angel and Papi first met as “siblings” within Blanca’s (MJ Rodriguez) chosen family. Once they get together in Season 2, it was evident that this match was here to stay. Over time, they’ve proven that their relationship is vulnerable, supportive and loving.

We’ve followed these two through many highs and lows on the FX drama — take a look at some of their key moments throughout the past three seasons below.

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Pose 203 Angel Evangelista Lil Papi Evangelista Indya Moore Angel Bismark Curiel

Platonic Beginnings

In Season 1, sparks were not yet flying between the two future lovebirds. In the series’ pilot, Papi joins the House of Evangelista after a loss against their former house, the House of Abundance. Angel sets down the rules with Papi, saying: “No drugs, no gentleman callers, and anything you mop belongs to the community.”

Their sibling-like dynamic shifts in Season 2, as Angel breaks off her tumultuous relationship with businessman Stan Bowes (Evan Peters) in the Season 1 finale. When Angel and Papi get together in Season 2, Papi reveals, “I knew you was the one since I first seen you.”

Pose 201 Angel Evangelista Lil Papi Evangelista Blanca Evangelista Photographer Indya Moore Angel Bismark Curiel MJ Rodriguez

Papi Gets Protective

When Angel is recognized by a photographer who forces her to take nude pictures, she thinks her modeling career is over. She confides in Papi, and he and Blanca make sure the photos won’t be leaked by stealing the images and beating up the photographer.

This incredibly cathartic scene shows how much Papi is willing to do to ensure Angel’s safety and success. He sees how much she wants to be a model outside of the ballroom, and he believes and knows that she will be. As he tells her at the Fresh Face Modeling Competition, “None of these girls can hold a candle to you. Angel, you’re the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Pose 203 Angel Evangelista Lil Papi Evangelista Indya Moore Angel Bismark Curiel Kiss

First Kiss

The flirtatious buildup between Angel and Papi finally manifests into a full-on romance when they kiss at the park in the sophomore season. Papi asks Angel on a date (with a beautiful waterfall!), and their romantic relationship finally takes hold.

This moment is not only picture-perfect but so joyful to see for Angel after she loses the Fresh Face Modeling Competition and following her past relationship with a man who tried to “rescue her” instead of uplifting her. Papi values her as an equal, and not as an experiment or phase.

Pose 207 Angel Evangelista Lil Papi Evangelista Indya Moore Angel Bismark Curiel

Expensive Thrills

The fashion world in 1990 was not always the prettiest scene. Angel and Papi see this firsthand when they are offered cocaine at an exclusive industry party. Angel convinces Papi to indulge, risking their place in the family.

At this point, Papi had changed a lot from when he first got kicked out of the House of Evangelista in Season 1 for dealing drugs. This storyline shows that his willingness to do anything for Angel is both his strength and his kryptonite.

Pose 210 Angel Evangelista Lil Papi Evangelista Indya Moore Angel Bismark Curiel Proposal

The Proposal

One of the most romantic moments in the series is when both Angel and Papi get on their knees and ask, “Will you marry me?” to each other. After being outed as a transgender woman to the fashion world, Angel is devastated and thinks her modeling career is over. But at the Mother’s Day Ball, Papi reveals that he booked her an international commercial, and with him as her agent, she will no longer have to be closeted at work.

The two are so overcome with hope for their future and love for each other that they both take a knee to pop the big question. I dare you not to tear up, as Papi and Angel kneel as equals who thrive in each other’s love.

Pose 302 Angel Evangelista Lil Papi Evangelista Indya Moore Angel Bismark Curiel Intervention

Angel’s Intervention

The third and final season also sees Lulu (Hailie Sahar) and Angel struggling with hard drugs, which puts a strain on Angel and Papi’s relationship. Angel is insecure about her career lull and paranoid about Papi seeing her weaknesses. He reassures her, as always, how much she means to him. The following intervention allows Angel to seek help for her addiction when she joins an outpatient program.

Pose 306 Angel Evangelista Lil Papi Evangelista Indya Moore Angel Bismark Curiel Wedding

The Couple’s Future

The future is never crystal clear and this latest episode brought many aspects of Angel and Papi’s relationship into question. While Angel had her extravagant bachelorette party, Papi learns he has a son, Beto, with his ex-girlfriend Marisol. He is confident he wants to raise his son, but Angel is unsure if she can balance her sobriety with this new, unforeseen responsibility.

The preview for May 30’s installment also shows Angel and Papi may have trouble obtaining a marriage license because of transphobic marriage laws. Will Pose’s longest-lasting couple finally tie the knot, or call it quits?