Ryan Murphy’s 14 Biggest Shows, Ranked

Ryan Murphy‘s The Watcher has been panned by fans saying it has an anti-climactic ending following its October 13 release on Netflix.

[SPOILER ALERT] The show tracks the true story of a married couple, harassed out of their dream home in New Jersey by an ominous stalker writing threatening letters signed by “The Watcher.” In real life, the family ditched their dream house, saying the ordeal left them “depressed wrecks,” and The Watcher’s identity was never uncovered. Murphy’s show ends similarly, but with a twist.

The couple’s terminally ill private detective Theodora (Noma Dumezweni) confesses to being The Watcher, saying she was the house’s previous owner, and then the confession turns out to be a lie she told to give the family closure before her death. Many of the critiques note the show’s strong storytelling throughout the season, but the ending seemingly ruined the viewing experience for some, rendering the story arc “pointless.” Many fans also gave the crime drama a resounding thumbs down online.

Compare this with the stunning success and massive viewing figures of Murphy’s other most recent Netflix production Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and it’s clear that not everything he touches turns to gold, but it’s hard to argue with the man’s incredible track record.

Some of his titles have changed TV genres, such as American Horror Story, which revitalized scary tales on mainstream TV, and Pose, which for the first time shone an in-depth light on the lives of trans women of color in the 1980s/1990s, and then there is the widely beloved Glee (which is not without its controversies).

So how do these and other Ryan Murphy shows rank against each other? Here’s our take: