11 Memorable Abby Sciuto 'NCIS' Moments Now That Pauley Perrette Won't Return (PHOTOS)

Meredith Jacobs

Abby exited NCIS alive, which left the door open for a return, but her goodbyes were final, according to the actress who played her for 15 seasons.

Pauley Perrette tweeted on June 7, "NO I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER!" presumably following multiple requests from fans to see her reprise her role.

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From her warning to Gibbs to her status with Tony, we want answers after that Season 16 finale shocker.

Abby left two episodes before the Season 15 finale in "Two Steps Back," after she was targeted by a man she previously helped put away. Reeves (Duane Henry) was killed as a result, and she was left behind to follow through on something he'd always wanted to do: start a charity in his mother's honor.

Since that's the last we'll see of Abby, we're looking back at some of her memorable moments over the years. Click through the gallery above to see TV Insider's picks, and sound off in the comments below with yours.

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