Starz's 'P-Valley' Cast Preview Their Gritty & Glittery Characters

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Starz's upcoming series P-Valley is about to put a spotlight on what creator Katori Hall calls the "Delta noir" genre.

Set in a small town along the Mississippi Delta, the show takes a peek behind the curtain at the local institution known as the Pynk, a strip club with a gritty and glittery group of dancers, patrons and more. Filled with mystery and intrigue, the show's cast is stocked with dreamers looking to better their lives in some way.

'P-Valley' Creator Katori Hall Previews the Drama's Message of EmpowermentSee Also

'P-Valley' Creator Katori Hall Previews the Drama's Message of Empowerment

Plus, she teases what's to come in the new Starz series.

No matter their motivations, there's no denying the enticing plots, visuals and messages being presented. From themes of breaking sexual identity stereotypes to exploring the more complex and untold stories behind the Pynk's pole dancers, P-Valley has it all. Below, the stars tease their characters and stories ahead of the premiere.

P-Valley, Series Premiere, Sunday, July 12, Starz