12 Things We Learned From One Chicago’s ‘Apocalyptic’ Crossover Trailer (PHOTOS)

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One Chicago trailer
One Chicago tailgating

The crossover kicks off with tailgating

Firefighters, paramedics, doctors, and cops are having fun, relaxing and throwing around a football. In other words, they’re enjoying a day off.

One Chicago threat

But the threat interrupts the fun

A man collapses, and when they look at his leg, they see they’re dealing with some sort of flesh-eating bacteria. Is he the first case or will they learn someone else has been brought into a hospital with the same infliction?

One Chicago calls

Two calls, same building

Paramedics respond to two more cases like it in the same apartment building.

One Chicago quarantine


Firefighters are hosed down. There are isolation chambers. And toward the end of the trailer, it doesn’t look like those under quarantine are handling it too well.

One Chicago CDC

The CDC is called in

They’re dealing with something they haven’t encountered before, which means they have to call in the experts. But this isn’t an outbreak, they later learn. It’s an act of terrorism.

One Chicago truck

Intelligence may get eyes on the suspect

After discovering that all of the victims came from the same apartment building, they discover someone in a Hazmat suit was walking toward a blue pickup truck two blocks away in the time frame.

One Chicago kicking doors

The cops aren’t the only ones kicking down doors

We see Kevin doing just that for Intelligence, but we also see Foster doing the same, likely responding to a 911 call for someone who has been infected.

One Chicago streets

The threat clears the streets of Chicago

How eerie is this?!

One Chicago arson

Their terrorist is also an arsonist

At least, we can assume that the same person out there with the weaponized bacteria is the one responsible for burning down a lab to cover his tracks. Could he have worked there?

One Chicago tackle

Who’s Casey tackling?

Are they looking for this guy, or is he simply acting suspicious at the scene? What’s in the backpack?

One Chicago pursuit

Did Jay get eyes on their suspect?

It looks like the building’s being evacuated. Does Jay have his gun out because he’s seen the suspect or there’s a report he’s there?

One Chicago infected

Is Hailey infected?!

An infected woman collapses on her, and Hailey ends up covered in her blood. She’s put in quarantine as they try to determine if she’s at risk.

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One Chicago is preparing for “some sort of apocalyptic event” during the big crossover.

NBC released the trailer for the three-hour event, “Infection,” which starts over on Chicago Fire, moves to Med, and concludes on P.D. on October 16. And there is quite a bit going on across the three shows.

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As you can see, there is going to be plenty of crossover with the characters in all three episodes and not just during the crisis. In fact, the first responders are enjoying a bit of downtime when it all begins.

Watch the trailer below and click through the gallery above for a sneak peek at the threat overtaking the city — and which character may be the most in danger.

One Chicago Crossover, Wednesday, October 16, 8/7c, NBC