The 10 Nicest Characters on TV Right Now (PHOTOS)

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Nice TV Characters
Brooklyn Nine Nine 702 Joe Lo Truglio
John P. Fleenor/NBC

Charles Boyle, Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Sure, he’s a bit of a dork. But this dork is a great friend, a good dad and an awesome partner. Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) wears his heart on his sleeve and puts his pals’ needs above his own. I mean, it kind of tells you everything you need to know that his family’s mantra is “I love you.”

ABC/Tony Rivetti

Phil Dunphy, Modern Family

Speaking of dorky dads, has there ever been a dorkier one than Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell)? Phil has little idea how to relate to his kids, and sometimes he tries WAY too hard. That said, he only goes too far out of love, and he does love his family.

This Is Us - Season 4

Randall Pearson, This Is Us

Honestly, most of the characters on This Is Us are pretty decent people; they’re just regular folks trying to make their way in the world. But Randall (Sterling K. Brown) goes out of his way to try to help people, and he always puts his family first.


Roland (and Jocelyn!) Schitt, Schitt’s Creek

Even if Roland (Chris Elliot) is always getting on Johnny’s (Eugene Levy) nerves — and Jocelyn’s (Jennifer Robertson) fashion sense, or lack thereof, gets on Moira’s (Catherine O’Hara) — these two have helped the Roses in many ways since they first arrived in Schitt’s Creek. They gave Johnny and Moira a new-ish mattress, helped Johnny with his new business venture and encouraged Stevie (Emily Hampshire) to shine as the star of Cabaret. There’s nothing “Schitt-y” about the Schitts.

Parisa Taghizadeh/BBCAmerica

Kenny Stowton, Killing Eve

In a murder-soaked world where everyone’s double-crossing each other and looking out for number one, Kenny’s (Sean Delaney) just trying to do the right thing (which is ironic, considering who his mom is). He has the heart to warn Eve (Sandra Oh) about what she’s getting into if she goes to Rome — although of course, Eve doesn’t listen. There’s a decent chance he’ll be the one to save her in the direct aftermath of the Season 2 finale. Knowing this show, his moral compass will probably get him killed, but it’ll be nice to have him around while he lives.

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Felix Lutz, Westworld

Felix (Leonardo Nam) might be the only good human in Westworld. Unlike his partner, he can’t bring himself to wipe Maeve (Thandie Newton) after realizing she’s achieved true consciousness, and he spends his breaks from work trying to revive a broken robotic bird. He’s loyal to his friends and brave at heart, unlike his compatriots.

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Judith Grimes, The Walking Dead

Judith (Cailey Fleming) looks like Lori, wields a sword like Michonne, shoots a gun like Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and has Carl’s (Chandler Riggs) heart. She always wants to see the best in people, whether it’s Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) or Gamma.


Joyce Byers, Stranger Things

If anyone on Stranger Things would have license to be an awful person, it’s Joyce (Winona Ryder). Her son disappeared and she was lied to about it, she works long hours to barely make ends meet for her family, and she has to deal with her awful ex-husband. But instead of being bitter, Joyce is kind — even from the first season, she welcomed Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) into her life, comforted her and kept her safe, and she’ll do anything to keep her family and friends safe from the Upside Down even if she gets called crazy for it.

Jace Downs/AMC

Aaron, The Walking Dead

Aaron (Ross Marquand) told Michonne (Danai Gurira) that he was done being a good guy … and then proceeded to continue being the good guy throughout the first half of the tenth season. Instead of using Gamma/Mary (Thora Birch) to get information about the Whisperers, he tries to help her even though he’s supposed to be doing the exact opposite. If that’s not classic Aaron, then what is?

Ryan Green/AMC

John Dorie, Fear the Walking Dead

In a world dominated by the dead, John Dorie (Garett Dillahunt) dares to be a purely good dude. In the TWD universe, it’s rare to find someone who hasn’t been corrupted by a need for survival, but John maintains his faith in people and in the universe. No matter your opinion on these past few seasons, that’s admirable.

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In a television landscape filled with antiheroes, villains and main characters who do the wrong thing for the right reasons, sometimes it’s nice to appreciate the good ones — the characters who make the right choice no matter the consequences, the characters who go out of their way to help others, the characters who put their family and friends first.

Here are 11 characters on current shows who we think have kind hearts.