‘NCIS: LA’: The Best ‘JAG’ Moments in Season 10 (PHOTOS)

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NCISLA JAG video reunion
NCISLA JAG entrance

Harm (David James Elliott) makes quite the entrance as he lands on the USS Allegiance!


As Harm approaches Sam (LL Cool J) and Callen (Chris O’Donnell), several notes of the JAG them play.


Captain Harmon Rabb, Jr., at your service


Harm meets two more NCIS special agents, Sam and Callen.

He previously met Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his team in the two JAG episodes that served as backdoor pilot for NCIS.

NCISLA JAG tight ship

Harm doesn’t think Sam and Callen will necessarily find anything. “We haven’t had any real problems since we deployed, and we run a tight ship,” he tells them.

“The safety and security of this vessel and her crew are my number one responsibility,” he continues. If there is a threat, they must identify and eliminate it immediately.

NCISLA 1024 Harm suspect

After Eric identifies one of the operatives, Vincent, on the USS Allegiance, Sam and Callen chase him through the mess hall and ship. It’s Harm who stops the suspect with an arm across his chest. “Where you running to, sailor?” Harm asks. “You’re on a ship.”

“They always run,” Sam informs the XO, who wants to know why. “Mystery of the universe,” Callen says.

NCISLA 1024 Harm lawyer

When Vincent asks for a lawyer, Harm offers him some advice as one: “If you’re attacking my men and my ship, a lawyer is not going to be able to help you.”

NCISLA 1024 Harm Hetty Mac

To help with Anton Yashnikov, who has diplomatic immunity, Hetty (Linda Hunt) says she’s going to turn to a friend who’s the Marine liaison to the Secretary of State. Harm immediately knows it’s Mac (Catherine Bell). “Yes, Captain,” Hetty tells him. “And she’s right here in Los Angeles.”

NCISLA 1024 Mac entrance

Mac joins Hetty at a restaurant, to the familiar notes of the JAG theme.

NCISLA 1024 Mac Harm update

Mac won the coin toss — but it was the beginning of their end. Harm joined her in San Diego and passed on the position in London. “We were engaged, but living completely separate lives,” she says.

NCISLA 1024 Mac Hetty final chapter

Hetty offers hope for Harm and Mac’s future. “The final chapter isn’t written yet,” she says to Mac.

NCISLA 1024 Mac quip

“That sounds like the lies you tell your wife: they sound good, but they don’t really hold up,” Mac says of Anton’s plan using Chechen spies for a Russian operation for plausible deniability.

NCISLA 1024 Mac blackmail

Mac convinces Anton to help them by blackmailing him. All it takes is her threatening to send photos of him with his mistress to his wife.

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[Warning: The below and above contain MAJOR spoilers for the Season 10 finale of NCIS: Los Angeles, “False Flag.”]

Oh, those familiar notes.

In addition to bringing back David James Elliott as Harmon “Harm” Rabb in the penultimate episode of Season 10 and Catherine Bell as Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie in the finale, NCIS: Los Angeles brings back the familiar sounds of the JAG theme when each first appeared on-screen.

First, Sam (LL Cool J) and Callen (Chris O’Donnell) travel to the USS Allegiance to investigate a threat and meet with the ship’s XO, Harm. Then in the finale, Hetty (Linda Hunt) recruits her old friend, Mac, to liaise with a Russian diplomat.

Though there isn’t much time to spend on their personal relationship, viewers do receive an update on Harm and Mac’s romantic status — and it isn’t a positive one.

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David James Elliott and Catherine Bell aren't the first alums to reprise their roles.

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