9 Times Eve Made Us Question Her Sanity on ‘Killing Eve’ (PHOTOS)

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Killing Eve 3
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Cutting herself while researching female assassins

She’s “just a fan,” right? In the first episode, we see Eve studying the ways female assassins kill people, and then experimenting with one of those methods on herself by nicking her femoral artery. She doesn’t seem to be especially disturbed by the accident, either.

Killing Eve 2
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Begging Villanelle not to pull the trigger

One of the iconic scenes from Season 1 involves Eve and Villanelle’s first meeting. After rescuing Frank, the two finally come face to face, and when Villanelle points a gun at her own head, Eve yells “No!” Her desperation to save a psychopath from killing herself would definitely raise some eyebrows at MI6.

Killing Eve 1
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Stabbing Villanelle… and everything that came before it

Mostly, we’re referring to Eve’s admission that she thinks about Villanelle all the time. If she were just an MI6 agent doing her job, would Eve really spend so much time wondering about the woman she’s trying to catch? Would she really be so desperate to find out what’s going on behind Villanelle’s hazel eyes? And then, y’know, there’s the fact that Eve did stab Villanelle after that lovely speech. There is that, too.

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Obsessing over Villanelle

“She wants me to find her!” For Eve, after the stabbing, almost everything revolves around Villanelle. The new assassin is useful to Eve insofar as she can get her a reasonable excuse to see Villanelle again, and she’s quite happy to be used as bait to get Villanelle into the open. It’s clear Eve spends most of her time thinking about the lovely assassin, and that obsession might not be the product of a healthy mind.

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Not reacting in the “psychopaths” presentation

This one even made Carolyn a little nervous. When Eve and her co-workers were shown a presentation about psychopaths, Eve was the only one not to blink or look away from the gorier images, and she seemed upset when the presenter said psychopaths can’t love.

Parisa Taghizadeh/BBCAmerica

Almost pushing a guy off the train platform

Eve showed she has a violent side when she hit Niko in Season 1, but this is the closest we’ve seen her come to actual murder. When a guy bumped into her on the platform, she nearly pushed him in front of an oncoming train and only restrained herself at the last second.

Killing Eve 5
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Saying it’s “hard” for her to be a normal person

Uh, Eve? Most of us are doing just fine being normal. Her admission to Villanelle that it’s hard “being nice and normal and decent” implies that she has a hard time keeping her dark side in check.

Killing Eve 6
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Going through Gemma’s stuff

Though there’s nothing inherently unstable about rifling through someone’s stuff, this was a pretty direct parallel to Villanelle, who had done the same thing to Eve’s belongings earlier in the episode. Also notable is Eve’s temper in this scene, when she breaks Gemma’s music box, starts to upend her room and seems to threaten her, asking, “Are you scared?”

Killing Eve 4
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”I dread to think where you’ll be happy, Eve.”

Not technically a time Eve made us question her, but this quote seems loaded with foreshadowing. When Eve storms out of Gemma’s place and tells Niko he’ll be happy with Gemma, he tells her he dreads to think where she’ll be happy — conjuring up Eve’s history with Villanelle and her violent tendencies. Yikes.

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Villanelle’s supposedly the “crazy” one in the Eve-Villanelle dynamic, but how certain are we that Eve’s totally stable?

After the past few episodes of Season 2, not very. Season 1 showed just how obsessive Eve could be and how single-minded she is in her pursuit of a goal, but the past six episodes of Killing Eve have shown a totally new side to Sandra Oh‘s excitement-seeking MI6 agent… an impulsive, violent side. And with two episodes left this season, we can’t help but wonder just how dark and twisty things will get for Eve Polastri.

Here are nine times we thought Eve’s instability was foreshadowed.

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