8 TV Couples Costumes for a Spooktacular Halloween (PHOTOS)

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Rick Grimes and Michonne, The Walking Dead

The couple that slays together stays together, and these two certainly have. For Rick, choose a brown Sherpa-lined jacket, a white t-shirt and a (plastic) weapon of your choice.

For Michonne, find a brown leather vest and a purple tank top, as well as dark gray cargo pants, a studded belt and studded boots. Don’t forget a headband, and of course, a replica katana!

Sheldon and Amy

Sheldon and Amy Cooper, The Big Bang Theory

As smart as they are sweet (well, at least to each other), Sheldon and Amy are a great choice for a couple’s costume. For Sheldon, find a “The Flash” logo t-shirt and layer it over another plain long-sleeved shirt. A pair of khakis complete the look.

For Amy, it’s all about layers; layer a striped sweater over a floral button down and a plain, high-necked layering tee. Finish the look with a knee-length khaki pencil skirt, gray tights and sensible work shoes.

Mike and Eleven

Mike Wheeler and Eleven, Stranger Things

Mike and El tugged at our heartstrings in both seasons of Stranger Things, and there’s no shortage of available costumes for both of them. For Mike, pick a striped shirt and tan windbreaker, and maybe even a bowl-cut brown wig. A walkie-talkie would be a great accessory!

For Eleven, find a pink long-sleeved dress with a gathered top and a blue windbreaker, as well as a blonde wig. You might even consider carrying a box of Eggos.

This Is Us - Season 2

Jack and Rebecca Pearson, This is Us

If you’re looking to recreate the sob-inducing romantic perfection that is Jack and Rebecca Pearson, look no further. For Jack, wear a plaid long-sleeved flannel or a denim/fur-lined jacket and jeans, and make sure to include a faux mustache. For Rebecca, choose a floral, bohemian wrap dress, a purple beret and a candy apple.

Jon and Dany

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, Game of Thrones

Setting the incest aside, these two have cool costumes. It might be easiest just to purchase a costume for Jon, and there are plenty available — but if you’re feeling up to the challenge of making one yourself, you’ll need a leather jacket, a cloak (with faux fur at the neck) and a sword worthy of The King in the North. Don’t forget a plush white wolf — any Jon needs his Ghost.

It might be easier to find an outfit for Daenerys. Find a floor-length, white dress and accent it with a wide, bronze-looking belt and a similar necklace. You’ll also need a long, white-blonde wig and a dragon…or two, or three!


Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, Shadowhunters

You’ll certainly scare away any Halloween demons if you go as any characters from Shadowhunters — especially #Malec. For Magnus, opt for a flashy shirt or suit jacket. Make sure to use eyeliner: you might even consider cat-eye contacts.

For Alec, almost any casual button-down or bomber jacket and jeans will do. Consider adding temporary tattoos on your neck, or drawing them on with eyeliner.

Chapter Thirty-Six: Labor Day

Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones, Riverdale

You’ll be instantly recognizable as Jughead and Betty, and these costumes shouldn’t break the bank! For Jughead, opt for a “South Side Serpents” jacket (or a Sherpa-lined denim or plaid jacket) and don’t forget a gray beanie.

For Betty, choose a sensible, preppy sweater, plain jeans or a skirt, flats and a ponytail holder for your hair.

Note: These definitely aren’t the only couples from Riverdale who make great costumes. Archie and Veronica, Cheryl and Toni and FP and Alice are also great options!


Pam and Jim Halpert, The Office

Putting together a costume for these two fan favorites should be no problem at all. Jim dresses pretty plainly — a blue shirt, a gray tie and a pair of gray work pants would do the trick. If you’d rather go as Halloween “three hole-punched Jim,” find a white dress shirt and cut three large holes out of black paper, then tape them to the shirt.

Pam’s most recognizable outfits tend to be similar, with a white dress shirt, a colored sweater and a sensible tan pencil skirt or slacks. Pull part of your hair back to mimic her signature style!

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If you’re still looking for a costume for you and your significant other, you need look no further than your TV screen.

Plenty of fan-favorite couples have iconic looks that are practically guaranteed to get a warm reception at any costume party. And best of all, most of them won’t break the bank (for Game of Thrones, we’re not making any promises).

Click through the gallery for eight couples costumes — from This Is Us to Shadowhunters — that’ll add a little sweet to the Halloween scariness.