6 Questions We Have Midway Through ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 16 (PHOTOS)

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Grey's Questions
Catherine Grey's

Will Richard and Catherine’s marriage survive?

Richard Webber and Catherine Fox are going through a bit of a rough patch, and though Richard rebuffed Gemma’s advances, their marriage is clearly on the rocks. Not to mention, the couple is rarely able to spend time together because of both of their busy schedules. One of them is going to have to make a big change, otherwise we wouldn’t be surprised if their whole relationship goes up in smoke.

Alex Webber Grey's

Are Alex, Owen and Richard going to return to Grey Sloan Memorial?

Alex, Owen, and Richard are off making things happen at Pacific Northwest General Hospital, but how long are they really going to stay there? Sure, they were fired from Grey Sloan, but there’s no way they’re going to be gone for long. While their big return may not happen right away, it’d be smart to bet on it happening before the end of the season.


Who will be returning to the show?

Rumors have been swirling for months that an old Grey’s cast member will be returning to the show this season, but we still don’t know who it is! Will it be a more recent cast member like Arizona or April, or someone from way back like Addison or Callie (or Cristina, but let’s be honest, that’s not happening)? Regardless of who it is, it needs to happen ASAP.

DeLuca Meredith Grey's

Will DeLuca and Meredith be OK?

DeLuca stood by Meredith during her court issues and temporary time in jail, but their relationship is definitely on the rocks. DeLuca realized he’ll never compare to Derek, which means he and Meredith will never truly be equals. Though we could see them trying to make it work, their romance may be dunzo.

Link Amelia Grey's

Who is going to have their baby first?

Miranda is expecting a child with Ben, as is Amelia with Link, but who is going to have their child first? And, not to get too dark, but will they both go full-term with their pregnancies? Because let’s be honest, Grey’s Anatomy knows how to break our hearts, especially when it comes to children.

Jackson Avery Grey's

What’s going on with Maggie and Jackson?

Jackson and Maggie broke up very early on this season and Jackson immediately moved on with Vic from Station 19. However, Maggie and Jackson nearly kissed during episode eight, which really threw people for a loop. Are they actually done for good, or is there still hope for Jaggie fans?!

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We’re only eight episodes into Season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy, but we already have so many questions about what’s going to happen over the course of the rest of the season. Between the pregnancies, breakups, and job switch-ups, there’s just so much going on that we need to unpack.

And, with many more episodes remaining this season, we have to buckle up for more drama (and questions) left to come. Check out the gallery above to see the six big questions we already have now that we’re nearly halfway through the season.

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