‘FUBAR’: Every Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Reference in Show

Arnold Schwarzenegger-'Fubar'
Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix © 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s FUBAR is not only the accomplished actor’s first scripted television show and a return to his action-comedy roots but also a celebration of several Schwarzenegger one-liners.

Outside of the True Lies-isms and Arnie’s Luke catchphrase, “That’s it, and that’s all,” there are several other quotes and one-liners that harken back to Schwarzenegger’s blockbuster films, from The Predator to The Terminator.

FUBAR is, by far, the most surreal project of my career,” stated Nick Santora, who serves as showrunner and executive producer. “I grew up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger films — I’d hit my dad up for a few bucks so I could race to the movies and see the biggest star in the world on the big screen — so creating the first scripted television project for Arnold is unbelievably exciting for me.” That probably explains all the movie references this season.

If you’re gearing up to watch the 8-episode limited series co-starring Monica Barbaro, Jay Baruchel, and Fortune Feimster, and more, you may be able to make a drinking game out of it during your Netflix binge: take a shot every time you hear a classic Arnie quote.

Here’s a list to help you recognize every Arnold Schwarzenegger one-liner from FUBAR.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger in FUBAR - Episode 1
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Episode 1 - "Take Your Daughter To Work Day"

After the very on-the-nose usage of “You Can’t Be True to Two,” we see an elderly Arnie mount a motorcycle while wearing a leather jacket, very reminiscent of his time as The Terminator.


Episode 2 - "Stole Train"

Around the 37:00 minute mark of Episode 2, we get Arnie saying, “He’s attacking the plane by ‘Choppa!” Of course, the classic “Get to the Choppa!” line from Predator.

Scott Thompson with puppets in Fubar

Episode 4 - "Armed & Dane-gerous"

At the top of the episode, we get Arnie saying, “I need your wallet and your gun,” in a way that reminds us of another classic Terminator line. It usually comes from a stark-naked Schwarzenegger upon arrival to whatever timeline he’s currently in.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Episode 6 - "Royally Flushed"

Although not a direct quote, Arnie delivers the line you “Seem to be shocked to see me,” which reminds us of all the ice and other element-related one-liners he had as Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin.

Episode 8 - "That's It & That's All"

We get another reference to a “Choppa!” but it isn’t delivered in the same way he did in Predator or even when he previously used in the show. Proving Arnie is just unable to say certain words without it reminding us of one of his quotes.

To that point, the name of this episode is a nod to his latest catchphrase in this series, which he finally admits he got from the movie Throw Momma From The Train, which stars Danny DeVito, who he starred with in Twins.

Also, he says, “That’s It and That’s All” so much that it could also be turned into a drinking game.

Here’s a toast for the potential Season 2.