‘Criminal Minds’ Wraps Filming: The Cast Says Goodbye Ahead of Final Season (PHOTOS)

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Matthew Gray Gubler/Twitter
Daniel Henney/Instagram

Several members of the cast posted similar photos of their hands wearing these rings.

As Aisha Tyler explained in her farewell message on May 10, “the cool CM rings are from our own @ajcook.”

Paget Brewster posted the simple caption, “BAU Team.”

And Daniel Henney wrote, “Thank you to everyone that has loved this team, as much as we have loved being this team. #BAU #criminalminds”

Matthew Gray Gubler/Instagram

“Wheels up forver!” Matthew Gray Gubler captioned this drawing of the BAU on May 15.

“Whenever I miss you guys I’m just going to close my eyes & pretend we are soaring through the sky” is written in the corner.

A.J. Cook/Instagram

As filming wrapped on the series finale, A.J. Cook posted a series of photos, including the one above, of herself with members of the cast on May 11.

“I had to say goodbye to some iconic television characters yesterday,” she wrote in the caption with hashtags for Prentiss, Rossi, Lewis, Simmons, and Alvez. “I love these crazy cats. Only one more day left of filming #criminalminds #wheelsup”

Kirsten Vangsness/Instagram

Kirsten Vangsness posted a series of photos from the make up trailer walls on May 14.

“When you love your job so much you post pictures of the job at the job to remind you about the job,” she wrote in the caption. “My heart is broken from joy and it will take a bit to put myself back together, luckily I have these great 7 folks I know from this job (and our huge brilliant crew) who I can cry to about it and know intimately where I’m coming from.”

“Thank you for giving us the gift to do this job for so long my appreciation is truly infinite,” she concluded.

Matthew Gray Gubler and A.J. Cook
Matthew Gray Gubler/Instagram

“B.A.U forever!” Gubler wrote alongside two photos on May 20.

Aisha Tyler/Instagram

“Day 5 on the last episode of @crimmindscbs,” Tyler wrote alongside this photo on May 9. “It was a long night, but we made magic. This team never rests. Until we do. #lastdays #wheelsup”

Aisha Tyler/Facebook

Tyler posted a series of photos from the final table read to mark the first day of filming the last Criminal Minds episode on May 1.

“Here are some shots from our very last table read in the entire universe ever, where @gublergram and I decided we would make it #jumpsuitmonday,” she wrote in the caption on Instagram. “We look like twins! #cmspiritday”

Aisha Tyler/Facebook

Tyler posted this photo of the cast at the final table read.

“I love this cast and crew in a way I will never be able to fully articulate; in the four-plus years I have been here I have laughed and cried and hugged and yelled and grown so much in the company of these brilliant people,” she wrote.

Aisha Tyler/Facebook

Here’s another photo Tyler posted of the cast at the final table read.

“These days are so sweetly bittersweet,” she wrote in the caption. “It’s hard to imagine my life without this place.”

Aisha Tyler/Facebook

Tyler posted this photo of Brewster and Gubler at the final table read.

Aisha Tyler/Facebook

Tyler shared a photo of the entire final table read, writing in the caption, “We’re going to have an amazing last few days, hug it out, and drop the mic.”

Joe Mantegna/Instagram

Joe Mantegna posted this photo from the read on April 29.

“Bittersweet day,” he wrote in the caption. “We all knew it couldn’t go forever, but we tried.”

Matthew Gray Gubler/Twitter

Gubler shared this cast photo from the fourth day of filming the series finale on May 8.

Tyler reposted it on her Instagram with the caption, “We are holding on as tightly as we can. Just a few more days left.”

Daniel Henney also reposted it, with “Family. Plain n’ simple.”

Untitled design
Matthew Gray Gubler/Twitter

Gubler posted zoomed in photos of his and his castmates’ hands from the group photo he posted on May 8.

“Based on our hands you can probably profile that we don’t want to let each other go,” he wrote in the caption.

Matthew Gray Gubler/Twitter

Gubler shared a series of photos with the caption, “slurping up every last minute of joy with this magical family,” on May 3.

Matthew Gray Gubler/Twitter

Gubler posted this photo of the cast smiling on set.

Matthew Gray Gubler/Twitter

Here’s another way Gubler is “slurping up every last night of joy” with his castmates.

A.J. Cook/Instagram

On May 1, Cook shared this entertaining photo of the cast’s mug shots with the caption, “The Usual Suspects,” and included the hashtag, “I hate goodbyes.”

Daniel Henney and the cast of Criminal Minds
Daniel Henney/Instagram

“Every day is a gift with this team,” Henney wrote in the caption of this photo of the cast on May 5. “Can’t believe it’s almost over.”

Joe Mantegna shared a photo of himself and his stunt double
Joe Mantegna/Instagram

Mantegna shared a photo of himself and his stunt double on May 8 with the caption, “Are you seeing double? #stuntman.”

Kirsten Vangsness/Instagram

Vangsness shared this photo of the script on April 26.

“Making the series finale doughnut,” she wrote in the caption. “It is filled with jelly made from my tears‬.”

Kirsten Vangsness/Instagram

“The woman who got me the job I have (who is also an accomplished artist in her own right @mzginags) and @tinoweeno @porshawnanicole the women who make the hairs stay in the places you want,” Vangsness wrote alongside this photo on May 2. “I have such a full heart to be about the coolest kittens in town for the next week.”

Kirsten Vangsness/Instagram

Vangsness was already preparing for for the end of filming on April 18.

“My goodness. What a joy and a privilege I’ve had to sit at this desk,” she wrote in the caption of a photo of her character’s desk. “I’m not crying, because I will mess up Garcia’s make-up if I do but I am becoming exquisitely aware I am entering good bye time.”

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They can’t hunt down the most disturbing, creepiest serial killers forever.

Criminal Minds is ending its run on CBS with its upcoming 15th and final season, and the cast has finished filming the series finale.

Season 14 ended with an emotional cliffhanger for two of the team’s members. JJ (A.J. Cook) confessed she’s always loved Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) at gunpoint, the fallout of which will be explored in its final season.

The series also stars Joe Mantegna, Paget Brewster, Aisha Tyler, Kirsten Vangsness, Adam Rodriguez, and Daniel Henney.

Click through the gallery above to see photos from the final table read — see who wore matching jumpsuits — as well as a very recognizable desk and the cast’s farewell messages.

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