Corinne Foxx Joins Her Famous Father on ‘Beat Shazam’: 10 Things to Know

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Corinne Foxx on 'Beat Shazam': 10 Things To Know
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1) Corinne is a fan of the show.
“I loved the first season. I’ve always had a love for music; it’s something that me and my dad really bond over. It’s so fun to watch, and to play, especially if you’re a music lover. But really, for anyone. I absolutely adored the first season of the show, and so when I heard that they wanted me to come on for the second season, I was ecstatic.

Beat Shazam is a family show. Everyone sits around the couch, and anyone can watch this—Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Brother, Sister, whoever. And so, I think it just made sense that I would join the show and add to that whole family aspect of it.”

Corinne Foxx on 'Beat Shazam': 10 Things To Know

2) Corinne is the party master.
“I’m the deejay, I am playing the songs for our contestants, but there are a lot of logistics that go into a game show, and I’m making sure that we’re keeping track of how much money everyone has, and I’m also helping my dad out, and introing songs.

“We have a lot of guests coming this season [including Demi Lovato, Shaq, Smokey Robinson and Michael Bolton] and they hang out with me in the DJ booth, and I’d give them some tips on how the show works, and what they should be doing. So, I’m looking at everything—I have to be watching my dad, watching the contestants, watching the audience, making sure that they’re excited, and playing the music. So, there’s a lot going on!”

Corinne Foxx on 'Beat Shazam': 10 Things To Know
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3) She’s as funny as her mega-star dad.
“This season I think I’m bringing a lot of humor to Beat Shazam. People are going to really enjoy seeing me and my dad interact. To everyone else, they think my dad is one of the coolest people out there, and he’s so talented. But, I bring him down to Earth a little bit. We have so many funny moments on the show because he’s dancing, and I’m kind there, like, ‘Come on Dad, really? You don’t know how to do that dance move, let me show you how to do it.’

“There’s so much relatable comedy because my dad thinks he’s this big, cool guy, and I treat him like he’s a regular, dorky dad.”

Corinne Foxx on 'Beat Shazam': 10 Things To Know
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4) Corinne takes us behind-the-scenes of TV’s biggest party
“Even before we start filming, there is a huge party happening in the audience. We have people coming out of the audience onto the stage and having dance battles. And my dad is singing on the piano. It’s not just a party when we are filming the show, it is a party the entire time. I feel like the audience leaves completely exhausted, because it’s so much energy. You have to have that much energy, because that’s just the type of show it is. Yeah, it is a complete party while we’re filming, when we’re not filming, in between takes. It is constant dancing, singing; it’s really great.”

Corinne Foxx on 'Beat Shazam': 10 Things To Know
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5) Corinne reveals who’d win—her or her dad— on Beat Shazam.
“Yikes! It would really be a luck of the draw on what categories he got, because there are certain categories that my dad could completely blow me away, but there are other categories that I could blow him away. But I think it would probably have to be my dad though, just because he’s got some years on me.”

Corinne Foxx on 'Beat Shazam': 10 Things To Know
Michael Becker / FOX. © 2018 FOX Broadcasting.

6) It’s easy to root for the contestants, and hard not to help.
“It is hard not to shout out the answers, and it’s definitely so upsetting when you know the song, or if the contestants are super, super close to the name of the song, but they don’t get it just right, because you’re rooting for them so hard, and they all have such amazing stories, and you want everyone to win. When you know it, and you just have to sit there and clench and just hope that they’re gonna get it.”

Corinne Foxx on 'Beat Shazam': 10 Things To Know
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7) This isn’t the first time Jamie and Corinne have worked together
“We’ve worked on projects here and there. I’m actually in my dad’s film, All-Star Weekend, a film that my dad wrote, produced, directed, starred in. So, we’ve worked together, but this is definitely the biggest project that we’ve ever worked on together.

“It was an interesting experience, because I’ve always come to work with my dad, and I’ve seen him work from the sidelines. But, for me to go in every day, and him really being my coworker, I think I saw him in such a different light.”

Corinne Foxx on 'Beat Shazam': 10 Things To Know
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8) She stole the red carpet on her dad’s big night at the 2005 Oscars ceremony.
“I was only 10 years old, and so I don’t think I understood the gravity of the moment [Jamie was nominated as Best Actor in Ray and as Best Supporting Actor in Collateral], but I was excited. I knew what the Oscars were, and I knew it was a big deal. But, being able to look back now and be like, ‘Wow, I was with my dad at one of his most important moments in his entire career,’ I think I can savor it a lot more now than I did when I was little.”

Corinne Foxx on 'Beat Shazam': 10 Things To Know
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9) Corinne shares her sweet memory of her dad’s Oscar-winning moment
“I remember sitting there when we were waiting, and the category got announced for Best Actor. They had announced all the nominees, and right before they read who was gonna win, I had whispered in my dad’s ears, and I was like, ‘You don’t need a trophy to tell you that you’re good,’ just because I wasn’t sure. He ended up winning of course, and it was so amazing, and I remember him getting teary-eyed on stage.

“It’s incredible, but it’s even more incredible to look back now as an adult, and to understand the importance of that moment.”

Corinne Foxx on 'Beat Shazam': 10 Things To Know
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10) Corinne is also a model and entrepreneur
“I do a lot of modeling work. I work with Dolce & Gabbana, I just walked in their Alta Moda show last week. I’ve done a lot of different campaigns, so I do a bunch of different stuff.

“I also run my own business, it’s called Foxxtales. We are an online magazine, and we’re also an online marketplace. We exclusively feature female-run businesses. A lot of my friends were starting their own businesses, had their own quality, hand-crafted products, and I really wanted to create a shop, or an online market, for all of these up and coming female entrepreneurs. So, that is my side hustle that is turning into my main hustle. It’s a lot of work, but it’s really great.”

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Fox’s Beat Shazam returns for Season 2 on May 29, and this year, it’s a family affair as host Jamie Foxx is joined by his hilarious and gorgeous daughter Corinne as the show’s deejay.

We chatted with the 24-year-old talent, and she shared the inside scoop on the competition series, working with (and growing up with) her famous father, and what she’s working on next.

Click through the gallery above for 10 things you need to know about Corinne Foxx!

Beat Shazam, Tuesdays beginning May 29, 8/7c, Fox