‘The Carol Burnett Show’ & More Classic Comedies to Stream on Amazon

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If some of today’s sitcoms can seem too edgy, you can always escape to a simpler time by watching these series that are guaranteed to bring laughs without making you blush!

The Donna Reed Show

The Donna Reed Show

“Why is it that no matter how much you love them, you’re so relieved to get rid of them?” busy housewife Donna Stone (Donna Reed, top right) says of her two kids. It’s one of many lines she delivers on the 1958–66 family sitcom that remain funny and relatable. Seasons 1–5 available

The Carol Burnett Show - Carol Burnett as 'Eunice' in the 'Mama's Family' sketches

The Carol Burnett Show

Faded film star Nora Desmond and Southern belle Starlet O’Hara are just two of the kooky characters Carol Burnett (top left) plays on the 1967–78 sketch comedy series, which still provides what Burnett calls “good old-fashioned belly laughs.” Seasons 1–11 available


Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In

Goldie Hawn and Ruth Buzzi rose to fame on this clever 1968–73 ensemble sketch series featuring cohosts Dan Rowan and Dick Martin running through bits including the Joke Wall: Cast members popped out to deliver quips like, “I used to star in our church amateur show. Well, do you know the thrill it is to see your name up there in candles?” Seasons 1–6 available


The Andy Griffith Show

On this heartfelt 1960–68 sitcom, sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) does his best to raise son Opie (a young Ron Howard) while dealing with the quirky residents of his idyllic home, Mayberry. We’re looking at you, town drunk Otis (Hal Smith)! Seasons 1–8 available

That Girl, 1966-1971, Marlo Thomas

That Girl

After moving to New York City, aspiring actress Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas) works a series of menial temp jobs and constantly gets herself into sticky situations (like selling shoes made of cardboard door-to-door!) in this hilarious 1966–71 series. But with oodles of charm and a megawatt smile, Ann Marie can figure out any situation on her own. Seasons 1–5 available