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The adventures of Donna Stone, her pediatrician husband and her kids.

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1958–1966 Series 8 Seasons275 Episodes

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Monday, July 15

Mary's Campaign

Season 1 • Episode 26

A devious girl manages Mary's class-secretary campaign.

Tuesday, July 16

The Flowered Print Dress

Season 1 • Episode 27

Donna insists her marriage has become dull and routine.

Wednesday, July 17

April Fool

Season 1 • Episode 28

An ailing singer (James Darren) stays with the Stones.

Thursday, July 18

The Parting of the Ways

Season 1 • Episode 29

Mary thinks her parents are headed for divorce.

Friday, July 19

The Hero

Season 1 • Episode 30

The Stones learn the truth of a former athlete's job.

Monday, July 22

Do You Trust Your Child

Season 1 • Episode 31

Neighborhood women come to Donna for parenting advice.

Tuesday, July 23

The Grateful Patient

Season 1 • Episode 32

A grateful patient's husband offers Alex an investment.

Wednesday, July 24

The Testimonial

Season 1 • Episode 33

Donna learns a retiring doctor wants to keep working.

Thursday, July 25

Miss Lovelace Comes to Tea

Season 1 • Episode 34

The family hires a housekeeper for fund-raiser Donna.

Friday, July 26

Tomorrow Comes Too Soon

Season 1 • Episode 35

Donna and Alex realize their children will leave soon.

Monday, July 29

Advice to Young Lovers

Season 1 • Episode 36

Mary's upset when her dream date takes someone else to a dance.

Tuesday, July 30

Operation Deadbeat

Season 1 • Episode 37

The family becomes involved in recovering old debts.

Wednesday, July 31

That's Show Business

Season 2 • Episode 1

Mary gives a lucky penny to a shy school-play co-star.

Thursday, August 1

Sleep No More My Lady

Season 2 • Episode 2

Donna unwittingly embarrasses Alex at a convention.

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