7 Times Avasarala’s Insults Were the Best Part of ‘The Expanse’ (PHOTOS)

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”I f**cking hate space.”

To be fair, after all she’d been through on Mao’s ship and in the Razorback up until this point, anyone would grow to hate space.

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”Just get to the f**cking point!”

Avasarala has no time for Mao’s painful attempt at small talk.

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”How could you be so f**cking stupid as to give it to the OPA?”

Obviously, this UN diplomat wouldn’t approve of Holden and crew giving a protomolecule sample to the belt. Even better is her response when Naomi steps up and says she was responsible: “I’d say ‘cry me a river’ if I thought you’d appreciate what one was.” Ouch!

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”I like getting s**t done.”

If that ain’t the truth! But this explanation as to why she never ran for office (she likes getting s**t done and keeping her head attached to her body) makes a ton of sense.

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”When you mysteriously vanish, no one will ever find your body.”

No swearing here (though she did swear in one of the sentences immediately preceding this one), but it’s worth inclusion for its pure, unfettered savagery. Avasarala doesn’t like being teased about her squeamishness when it comes to space travel, and she let Cotyar know it by saying the above.

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”This is going to be very tedious if you remain this dim.”

Again, no swearing, but absolutely hilarious. Much like Avasarala’s allergy to pointless small talk, she takes no enjoyment in this Martian soldier’s continued repetition of everything she says and his confusion about what’s going on.

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”Wherever I god*amn like!”

Avasarala can, and will, talk with whomever she wants about whatever she wants. This includes Bobbie Draper, much to the MCRN’s chagrin; they wanted to know “where she’s going” with her inquiries, and they were treated to the headline of this slide as a result.

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The Expanse’s Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) is a triple threat: She’s got killer political savvy, killer fashion sense and killer insults. And she could probably use any or all of them to kill you.

This diplomat’s mouth should be a registered weapon, given how many people’s prides it has grievously wounded. But for the show’s fans, Avasarala’s quick thinking and utter savagery in spoken word are a treat. Sometimes, her vicious put-downs provide just the laughs this oft-heavy and dark program needs.

Here are nine times we appreciated Avasarala’s cutting wit… and her potty mouth.

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