7 Predictions for ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 7 (PHOTOS)

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Group Shot
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake and Amy kids
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Jake and Amy will get pregnant/have kids

Melissa Fumero, who plays the loveable Type A Amy Santiago, revealed in November that she was pregnant with her second child. This marks the second time Fumero has been pregnant during the show’s run, the first being in the third season. Instead of hiding her baby bump with large bags or having Amy wear a “fake” baby bump for an investigation, it’s possible her pregnancy could be written in. Jake and Amy discussed the idea of having kids last season, so her real-life pregnancy could be perfect timing.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Premiere Raymond Holt
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Captain Holt won’t regain his position

It’s not to say that everyone’s favorite dad, Raymond Holt, won’t ever be the squad’s captain again, but the chances of it happening this season (or at least in its first half) is unlikely. With his enemy, Madeline Wuntch (Kyra Sedgwick), as the sitting NYPD Commissioner, he is sure to struggle as he climbs his way back up the ladder. Perhaps he’ll work his way up to becoming a detective again and work alongside Jake and the rest of the 99th Precinct.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta, Terry Crews as Terry Jeffords
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A new captain of the Nine-Nine

With Holt demoted to a beat cop, Terry (Terry Crews) is put in charge of the precinct. After becoming a lieutenant last season, taking control of the precinct may be a stepping-stone towards becoming the next captain of the Nine-Nine. Another possible replacement could be Amy, whose dream is to be the youngest officer to become a captain. Only recently becoming a sergeant, her chances of rising in the ranks aren’t as likely, but she could end up in charge of her own precinct in future seasons.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gina
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Cameos from Gina

Not too long after actress Chelsea Peretti left the show in season 6, Gina came back for an episode after becoming an internet personality and needing protection from the Nine-Nine from a possible assassination attempt. Gina’s return shows that Peretti isn’t opposed to making a cameo, which leaves the door open for another this season. Who wouldn’t want more of Gina’s sassy remarks and “amazing” dance moves?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz and Cameron Esposito as Jocelyn Pryce
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Wedding bells will ring

Another member of the Nine-Nine could get hitched this season! Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) and her girlfriend, Jocelyn (Cameron Esposito), have quickly become a fan-favorite couple. While the show is no stranger to LGBTQ+ representation, having Rosa and Jocelyn get engaged/married would be another representation milestone for the show.

The goofy and always hungry Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) may also find love this season. Co-creator and executive producer Dan Goor teased an episode revolving around Hitchcock’s romantic endeavors in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “I think people will think it’s funny, hopefully, but not too disturbing,” he said.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Group Shot
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A departure from the Nine-Nine

Some could argue that Holt’s demotion counts as leaving the precinct, but his departure was not by choice. Several characters have been presented with various career opportunities over the years, but none of the officers have ever chosen to leave the Nine-Nine permanently. Perhaps this season will see a character leave for another posting in the NYPD — whether it’s by choice or not.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake and Doug
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Everyone’s favorite recurring antics

There are several recurring plots and characters that fans anticipate every season, so there is no doubt we will be getting more! We hope to see the return of Jake’s frenemy, Doug Judy (Craig Robinson), better known as the “Pontiac Bandit,” after he once again double-crossed Jake and escaped the NYPD’s clutches.

The annual Halloween Heist episode was held on Cinco de Mayo instead last season. We suspect the hilarious heist and all its hijinks to return, Halloween themed or not.

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Everyone’s favorite NYPD Precinct returns this week with the season 7 premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on NBC. With last season ending in Captain Raymond Holt’s (Andre Braugher) demotion to a beat cop, Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and the rest of the Nine-Nine crew will have to adjust their dynamics with their former captain, all while still protecting the people of NYC. As Jake would say, this season’s going to be “Noice!”

Before the one-hour premiere, check out our predictions for the new season in the gallery above.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 7 Premiere, Thursday, February 6, 8/7c, NBC