Behind the Scenes of the ‘Blue Bloods’ Wedding: All the Moments You Didn’t See (PHOTOS)

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CBS posted several photos of the happy couple in their wedding outfits.


Here’s one of the photos CBS posted of the happy couple with the caption, “We love their love.”


After the finale aired, CBS posted this photo of the Reagan family (and its newest addition).

Vanessa Ray/Instagram

Vanessa Ray posted a photo of the most important guests at the wedding.

“I love these people very very much,” she wrote in the caption. “It was a long day of filming in suits and tuxes and heels and dresses, but deeeaaaammm we look good. Our crew crushed it tonight. Thanks for watching everyone!”


Ahead of the finale, CBS posted this photo of the happy couple to the Blue Bloods Instagram.

“Find someone who looks at you the way these two look at each other,” reads the caption.

Bridget Moynahan/Instagram

Bridget Moynahan shared this photo of herself and Ray with the caption, “Celebrating this girl and her big day! Welcome to the family.”

Will Estes/Instagram

Will Estes posted a photo of himself and Donnie Wahlberg, both dressed for the wedding scenes.

“The great D.W.,” he wrote in the caption.

Marisa Ramirez/Instagram

Marisa Ramirez posted this photo with Ray.

“With the bride!! Girl, why didn’t you ask me to be a bridesmaid,” she wrote in the caption. “Love you @vrayskull.”


Prior to the west coast airing of the episode, CBS posted this photo of Ramirez and Wahlberg with Ray.


CBS posted this behind-the-scenes look of Abigail Hawk taking a selfie with some of the cast.

Abigail Hawk/Instagram

Hawk shared this photo of herself with a few cast members leading up to the finale.

Abigail Hawk/Instagram

Abigail Hawk posted this photo of herself and Ramirez with the caption, “Baker and Baez go bananas for #jamko!”

Ramirez reposted it with, “It was a long ceremony! So happy I was invited!!!”


CBS posted this photo of the wedding venue before the event.

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Jamko is officially married on Blue Bloods.

While fans may not have seen the couple say “I do,” CBS and the series’ stars shared photos from behind the scenes of the Season 9 finale.

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The episode showed Eddie’s (Vanessa Ray) pre-wedding jitters as she realized she was becoming a Reagan and a version of the weekly family dinner in the form of the rehearsal dinner (with Eddie’s mother joining the table). Eddie asked Frank (Tom Selleck) to walk her down the aisle, and, finally, Jamie (Will Estes) watched his bride-to-be heading for him.

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From speeches to the walk down the aisle, here are the Reagan highlights of the Season 9 finale.

Click through the gallery above to see what happened behind the scenes, from photos of the happy couple to selfies of the wedding guests.