See the ‘Big Bang Theory’ Cast at the Emotional Final Episode Taping (PHOTOS)

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Melissa Rauch/Instagram
Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Kaley Cuoco posted this photo of the cast’s final bows.

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Cuoco shared this photo of the “final group scene,” adding, “That’s a wrap,” with a crying emoji.

Kunal Nayyar/Instagram

Nayyar posted this photo of the cast’s huddle, along with a message expressing his gratitude:

“Thank you. Thank you for your words. Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for tuning in night in and night out. Thank you for the stories you shared about how this show made you feel. Thank you too, for the not so nice times. Thank you, for lifting us up when we were down. Fame can feel like a cage, so Thank you for making us feel safe enough to be free. Thank you for letting me share my birthday on stage with my six best friends, And Thank you, for you, because without you — there would be no us. So this goes out to you, the fans… One last time. In love and gratitude.”

Jim Parsons/Instagram

Jim Parsons paid tribute to Apartment 4A (and wished his costars Galecki and Nayyar a happy birthday) alongside a photo of the door.

“Knock, knock, knock, thank you… Thank you, apartment 4A, for being a home to so many dreams come true, to so many friendships made. And thank YOU, ALL of you — yes, YOU, reading this right NOW! As we get ready to tape our final episode tonight, to walk in and out of this apartment door for the last time, it is hard to find the words to articulate what a profound experience this has been,” he wrote in the caption. “But the words ‘love’ and ‘gratitude’ come to mind… so love and gratitude to all of you. ALL of you. Thank you.”

“Oh! and happy birthday to @sanctionedjohnnygalecki and @kunalkarmanayyar,” he added. “Talk about good timing… may your next 12 years be as vibrant and wonderful as the last 12 years in which I’ve had the pleasure to know and work with you both.”

Johnny Galecki/Instagram

Alongside this apartment door and a photo of the cast huddling, Johnny Galecki wrote, “More feelings than words can express.”

Johnny Galecki/Instagram

Galecki posted this photo of himself sitting on the stairs in his character’s apartment building with the simple caption, “Leonard Hofstadter, PhD.”

Melissa Rauch/Instagram

Melissa Rauch posted this photo of the cast with the simple caption, “Forever,” surrounded by hearts.

Melissa Rauch/Instagram

Rauch wrote, “Goodnight, Pasadena,” alongside this photo from set.

Mayim Bialik/Instagram

Mayim Bialik posted this photo with the caption, “Goodnight from stage 25.”

In another Instagram post, alongside a video ending on this TV, Bialik shared her feelings and thanked fans.

“It is an overwhelming day to say the least. All of the feelings: gratitude, sadness, joy, excitement, grief…it’s the end of a huge part of our lives and the beginning of who knows what,” she wrote. “Thank you to the millions of people who love this show. Thank you for the lessons we have learned from you all. Thank you to our writers for caring so very much about these characters you all believe in and trust. Thank you for making our family a part of your family’s laughter, tears, and challenges. I get to play dress up for a living and I am so honored to be a part of this cast, this crew, this staff, and this wonderful show about how these brilliant characters live, think, and love. It all started with a big bang.”

Kevin Sussman/Instagram

Kevin Sussman posted this photo with Cuoco from before the final taping.

“Do @kaleycuoco and I look like we’re keeping it together?” He asked in the caption. “Took this right before our final speed read. Before our final taping. Before my final emotional breakdown. Gonna miss working with Kaley so much. Sometimes you get to work with an actor that’s so thoroughly in the moment that you can look to them at any time to ground you — Kaley has been that for me for eleven years.”

Kevin Sussman/Instagram

Sussman shared memories of his time on set with Helberg alongside a photo of the two together.

“#SimonHelberg and I have logged so many hours talking about acting and theater and film and everything we’re passionate about and have been blessed to be able to do for a living,” he wrote. “One of the funniest people I’ve ever met, on screen and off. With all the phenomenal success of the show, Simon’s passion for the work has never changed. Still exploring. Still asking questions. Still doing spot on impressions of Christopher Walken that make you spit your milk out. Love this guy.”

Kevin Sussman/Instagram

Both Sussman and Rauch posted this photo of the two of them.

“The friends you make along the way,” Sussman wrote in the caption. “One of the best things about showing up to Stage 25 all these years has been seeing @themelissarauch’s smiling face.”

“While Stuart may have taken up residence in the Wolowitz household @kevsussman took up residence in a special place in my heart,” Rauch said.

Kevin Sussman/Instagram

Alongside this photo with Bialik, Sussman shared memories from set with her.

“Gonna miss napping next to @missmayim. We nap in adjacent dressing rooms, so we simulated what that would look like if you removed the wall,” he wrote. “Did I mention that Mayim’s room is also where I’ve had some of my most productive psychotherapy sessions? Thank you Dr. Bialik.”

Kevin Sussman/Instagram

Sussman was emotional when he shared a photo of his character’s comic book shop set, adding a crying emoji to the caption, “This set. Getting packed up.”

Melissa Rauch/Instagram

The cast began getting emotional the day of the final table read.

“Just because I haven’t flooded my face with enough tears during/after today’s final @bigbangtheory_cbs table read…here’s a pic of our pre-show huddle last night. I was always picked last for every team as a kid, so getting to be a part of a huddle ~ let alone this particular huddle has been extra special. I’ll forever cherish these moments with my TBBT brothers and sisters,” Rauch wrote on April 24.

Melissa Rauch/Instagram

Rauch posted this group photo before the read and wrote, “About to go into our table read for the series finale written by this group of geniuses ~ AKA: the heart and soul of @bigbangtheory_cbs People often ask what the secret is behind the success of the show…well, it’s no secret…it’s the sheer brilliance of these incredible minds. Love them all so very much @stevemolaro @mildmanneredsteveholland @anthonydelbroccolo @misstarahernandez
@goetech @billprady @ericlinuskaplan
#chucklorre #mariaferrari #andygordon #jeremyhowe #adamfaberman”

Mayim Bialik/Instagram

Bialik posted this photo and reminisced about joining the series with Rauch: “This lady and I have been through a lot together as the new kids on the block of season 3 of @bigbangtheory_cbs . We have cried together and laughed together and raised kids on a set together. I couldn’t have made it without her with any semblance of sanity. Thank you @themelissarauch for being you. You’re so much more than @thebronzemovie to me. You’re solid gold.”

Rauch reposted the photo and added, “Right back at ya @missmayim ❤️ Thank you for looking past our first table read together in which I nervously blurted out ‘Blossom’ no less than a dozen times. You could’ve decided to not pursue a friendship with this weirdo after that, but boy am I forever grateful you did. Love you, Mayim.”

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Cuoco issued a warning for fans alongside this photo of her script and the tissues she needed during the table read: “Prepare yourselves … for a finale that has truly given me a loss for words ❤️ Our whole universe …. @bigbangtheory_cbs”

Johnny Galecki/Instagram

Galecki also got emotional, sharing, “This morning was not an easy one. The final table reading for @bigbangtheory_cbs So very sad. So very grateful.”

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Cuoco shared a look at the last page of her script with the caption, “Yea, didn’t sleep . @bigbangtheory_cbs”

Kunal Nayyar/Instagram

Nayyar also posted a look at his script and wrote, “Just read the final episode… Gnite. #tbbt”

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

Cuoco posted a photo of herself after the emotional read and wrote in the caption, “Post table read for @bigbangtheory_cbs finale episode”

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The Big Bang Theory may make its viewers laugh every week, but saying goodbye to the series had its cast in tears.

The stars of the CBS comedy, which will air its one-hour series finale on May 16, posted photos of and reactions to mark the filming of the final episode Tuesday, April 30.

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They had previously done the same after the final table read. In doing so, they shared memories and their emotional states, said goodbye, and thanked their fans.

Click through the gallery above to see photos from Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik, Melissa Rauch, and Kevin Sussman.

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