Best Lines of the Week (November 4-10): ‘I Egg Washed a Priest Once’

Noel Fielding - The Great British Baking Show

As the countdown to the holiday season begins, so comes the snowstorm of holiday movies and TV.

Lindsay Lohan had a marvelous acting comeback starring as the daughter of a hotel-tycoon in the newest Netflix Christmas movie Falling For Christmas which made us in turn fall for Lohan all over again. But in less cheery news, tensions were high on The White Lotus as we watched marriages fall apart, namely between Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) and Greg (Jon Gries) after she becomes tired of his mistreatment towards her.

The newest season of The Crown premiered this week and surprise! Tensions were equally as high between Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) and Prince Charles (Dominic West)  as his “friendship” with another woman is uncovered. Luckily enough, we always have reality TV to keep us entertained and happy! The Kardashians let us in on how they got prepped for the MET Gala, and The Great British Bake Off made us laugh as the hosts continued to distract the contestants.

Want to see what lines we loved this week? Keep reading!

Captain Ryan

Avenue 5 (HBO)

Judd: “I say we prove them wrong and get along out of spite.”

Ryan: “I say we sit here in silence and wait for death.”

— Stuck in a room together, Judd (Josh Gad) and Ryan (Hugh Laurie) try to reconcile their differences.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana

The Crown (Netflix)

“Charles and Diana seem to be the happy couple again. What a blessing that would be. For everyone.”

— Queen Elizabeth (Imelda Staunton) speculates that Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki) and Prince Charles (Dominic West) are on the road to a happy marriage after seeing a tabloid.

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashians (Hulu)

“So all of this, this losing the weight, dyeing the hair for 30 hours, leaving the hotel in a robe, getting there, changing on the red carpet, just walking to the top of the red carpet, then changing again into a replica of the dress because we can’t risk sitting and eating dinner in it is all for maybe 10 minutes of my life just on the red carpet.”

Kim Kardashian details the lengths she is going to for her MET Gala outfit, an iconic Marilyn Monroe dress.

Jennifer Coolidge in 'The White Lotus'

The White Lotus (HBO)

Tanya: “Guess who I am”

Valentina: “Peppa Pig”

Tanya: “I’m Monica Vitti!”

— When Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) dresses up for her perfect Italian dream, she is mistaken for Peppa Pig by the hotel manager.

Selena Gomez
Apple TV+

Selena Gomez: My Mind and Me (Apple TV+)

“Why am I here? Why am I alive? Clearly for something.”

Selena Gomez reflects on her fame as a platform for philanthropy.

Molloy, Louis

Interview with the Vampire (AMC)

Molloy: “You took Lestat back.”

Louis: “The vampire bond. There is no human equivalent.”

Molloy: “Lover. Murderer. Maker. You took him back.”

Louis: “It’s a bond that can never fully be severed.”

– Louis (Jacob Anderson) explains why he can never truly leave Lestat (Sam Reid).

James, Lynsey
Apple TV+

Causeway (Apple TV+)

James: “Hey, look, if it get dark, now, you just– you just ride it.”

Lynsey: “How do I do that?”

— James (Brian Tyree Henry) offers a means of solace when Lynsey (Jennifer Lawrence) appears to be struggling after a traumatic brain injury in Afghanistan ceased her ability to serve and sent her back home to New Orleans.

Sierra Belmont

Falling For Christmas (Netflix)

Tad: “What exactly is the position?”

Sierra: “Vice President of Atmosphere. It’s not even a real job. I think he just made it up to give me something to do.”

— Sierra (Lindsay Lohan) has been offered a made-up job by her hotel-tycoon father but is hesitant to take it.

John Oliver

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO)

“It’s both impressive and very depressing that she’s a better dancer in that suit than I am completely unencumbered”

— After Heidi Klum went viral for her incredibly detailed and realistic worm costume, John Oliver is stunned at how good of a dancer she is in the costume.

Noel Fielding - The Great British Baking Show

The Great British Baking Show (Netflix) 

“I egg-washed a priest once. He wasn’t looking.”

— During Pastry Week, co-host Noel Fielding keeps spirits high as he entertains the bakers.