9 TV Devils Who Make Being Bad Look Good

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TV Devils

Devil May Care

What the hell?! Spiritual programming may be all the rage right now, between A.D. and Killing Jesus, but there's also a stash of shows that have delivered us some evil folks we must confess have become our guiltiest pleasures. More than villains and way less than human, we're talking about sinful scene stealers who will have us fired up for all eternity.
Lucifer - Tom Ellis


When the Devil (aka. Lucifer Morningstar) gets bored with ruling the underworld, he takes up resident in the vice-driven earthbound Los Angeles. Brit Tom Ellis gets to keep his accent, making his perfectly-coiffed,suit-wearing and luxury car-driving incarnation equal parts suave and sexy—and making the City of Angels possibly even hotter than Hell.

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Devils-The Simpsons

The Simpsons

The godly-diddly Springfield saint Ned Flanders transformed into a pitchfork-poking and cloven-hooved hellraiser for a pair of Treehouse of Horrors, most notably when Homer makes a deal with the devil to sate his mid-afternoon snack addiction. Mmmm, forbidden donuts and a chance for Ned to get nasty after all those years of enduring his yellow neighbor's nitwittery? Someone heard our prayers!
Ray Wise as the Prince of Darkness in Reaper
Jack Rowand/The CW


Yet another example of bad bargaining, teen Sam Oliver (Brett Harrison) wound up in servitude to the Prince of Darkness (Ray Wise) as part of his parents’ promise to hand over their firstborn in exchange for saving Sam’s dying dad. Thankfully, the often-clueless Sam’s job was to suck up souls who have escaped from Hell with his handy Dirt Devil (get it?), proving that idle hands aren’t the only tool in the Devil’s workshop.

Devils-South Park
Comedy Central

South Park

When not trying to take over Earth, the cartoon Antichrist is usually moaning over his codependent, now failed romance with Saddam Hussein. You never want someone who is too much like ya, bud.
Grant Show of Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant

He’s not 100 percent demonic, but Lucas Boyd (Grant Show) sure was a scary hottie, watching over the Devil’s daughter (Elisabeth Harnois) as she stifled the inhibitions of a shore town’s uptight residents. He was literally the bodyguard from Hell.

Michael Courtney/The CW


A burning pain in the butt for the Winchester brothers, Lucifer (The Returned's Mark Pellegrino) goes by as many names— Morning Star, Satan, Luci—as he does faces, thanks to that whole possession ability thing. One thing remains the same, though: Dude makes demons worth hunting down, which means he's pretty much the Big Bad who has kept Sam and Dean in business for all of these seasons. So in way, we owe the jerk a little thanks.
Devils-The Stand
Courtesy of Everett Collection

The Stand

After a global virus wiped out half the planet in Stephen King's epic tale of good versus evil, demonic figure Randall Flagg (Jamie Sheridan) took up the cause of chaos against the goodly crew led by Mother Abigail (Ruby Dee). Fittingly, the big showdown goes down in Sin City, but unlike the novel—which left Flagg alive to appear in several other King books—the 1994 TV adaptation sent him presumably back to hell following a nuclear explosion.
Devils-Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Over the course of her run as slayer, Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) had to contend with the First Evil in so many human forms, it was hard to keep track. Andrew (Danny Strong), Caleb (Nathan Fillion), Jenny Calendar (Robia LaMorte), heck, even Buffy herself. Basically, the First is a dark energy that pre-dates mankind, makes Satan look like a Dugger, and claims to be unstoppable…until it meets Buff and her scoobies, that is.
Bob D'Amico/ABC Family


"Hell is for children" has never applied more than in this 2006 ABC Family adaptation of Tom Sniegoski's novel about a stud named Aaron Corbett (The Vampire Diaries' Paul Wesley), who finds out that he's the son of a human and an angel. Cool news, for sure, until Aaron realizes that A) his calling is to redeem fallen angels and B) his real dad is heaven's original outcast, Lucifer (Bryan Cranston). No wonder Cranston made such a terrible father figure to Jesse on Breaking Bad years later.
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