‘Chad’ Makes a Shocking Discovery About Peter & Denise in the Finale (VIDEO)

Being a teen is hard enough, but learning your friends are dating behind your back is a low blow, especially if you’re the titular character from TBS’s Chad.

In an exclusive sneak peek clip from the Season 1 finale (TBS previously renewed the comedy for Season 2), Chad (Nasim Pedrad) runs into a surprise situation that he wishes he could erase from his memory. The moment begins as ordinary as any for most teens with Chad riding his scooter to pal Peter’s (Jake Ryan) house to share some seemingly urgent news.

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'Chad' Star Nasim Pedrad on Being a Woman Playing a Teen Boy in the Coming-of-Age Comedy

Plus, how the awkward, klutzy Chad 'is not far from how I remember myself at that age.'

Once Chad makes it to the top of the stairs and bursts through the door though he finds an unexpected scene between Peter and their friend Denise (Alexa Loo). Mid-kiss, the adolescents reflexively jump away from one another which is essentially impossible when sitting on the same bed together.

Chad’s resulting reaction is nothing short of hilarious as the images burn into his memory like disturbing snapshots. “Chad, what are you doing here?” Peter asks before Chad tries to run out of the room but fumbles before making it down the stairs and outside where he first began the scene.

Chad Season 1 Denise Peter

(Credit: TBS)

“What did I even see back there? Am I losing my mind?!” Chad asks with shock in his voice. “Denise and I were kissing,” Peter responds bluntly. See how the full scene unfolds in the clip, above, and don’t miss the Chad season finale on TBS.

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