‘MAFS’ Decision Day Sneak Peek: Ryan & Clara Reflect on Their Progress (VIDEO)

Decision Day is here! And Married at First Sight‘s Season 12 couples are planning for the future in “Real Life Starts Now.”

In an exclusive first look at the episode, Clara and Ryan sit down with experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Vivana Coles, and Pastor Cal Roberson to reflect on their eight-week journey and weigh their options.

The conversation begins relatively light-hearted as Ryan acknowledges the feistier side of his recent bride. “We would never have given you a weak woman,” Dr. Pepper tells Ryan in the clip, above, to which they all laugh.

“She’s nobody’s pushover,” Pastor Cal echoes. But will Clara’s strong side impact their relationship negatively moving forward?

Married at First Sight Season 12 ryan

(Credit: Lifetime)

“I think we are very similar in that we both like our ideas, we both like being right,” Ryan admits. “I think for me it’s understanding how to effectively communicate with her.” This is something that Clara agrees with.

Their lack of intimacy and inability to say “I love you” could be a deal-breaker for Clara. See how their conversation with the experts plays out in the clip and don’t miss Married at First Sight‘s Season 12 Decision Day drama on Lifetime.

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