‘The Cube’: Dwyane Wade Hosts — and Plays in? — New High-Stakes Game Show on TBS (VIDEO)

Do you have what it takes to beat “The Cube”?

That’s the question for TBS’ new game show, hosted by NBA legend Dwyane Wade, and TV Insider can exclusively reveal it will premiere on Thursday, June 10, at 9/8c. We also have your first look at the teaser and poster for The Cube. Based on the UK hit, it will test contestants’ mental agility and physical ability as pairs compete for $250,000 in a glass box.

In that Cube is “cutting edge technology, high-pressure gameplay, and a mind of its own,” Wade warns.

And speaking of that “mind,” “I’m not here to make friends,” a voice comes from the Cube, surprising contestants. “To defeat me, you need nerves of steel.”

Will anyone win the jackpot? “That would be highly improbable,” the Cube says, seemingly in answer to that question. Wade has more faith in the competitors though. Watch the video above for a look at just what they’ll be facing.

In fact, Wade himself will be facing some of those challenges as well. Each pair, working alone or together, has nine lives to beat seven games. Each game is worth an increasing amount of money. The pairs can get an assist from the host in “One Shot,” during which, as it suggests, he has one attempt to compete for them.

Dwyane Wade The Cube Poster TBS


Wade and his production company, 59th & Prairie Entertainment, executive produce The Cube with Layla Smith and Jilly Pearce for Objective Media Group and showrunner Glenn Coomber.

The Cube, Series Premiere, Thursday, June 10, 9/8c, TBS

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