‘This Is Us’ Sneak Peek: Toby Is Up for a Job, But Baby Makes 3 During Virtual Interview (VIDEO)

This Is Us has been integrating the pandemic in various ways, but perhaps none as relatable as this exclusive sneak peek of the March 16 episode, “I’ve Got This.”

In it, Toby (Chris Sullivan) endures the tedious routine of virtual interviews after losing his job in the previous episode. But he’s also on baby duty with newborn Hailey. In his garage set up, Toby sits behind a table with a tablet settled atop a box, a ring light focused on his makeshift office display and a golf club to the side, which he uses to rock the baby.

But when the blinds behind Toby — who’s having an awkward time of it with a bored-looking interviewer — fall from their hold, toppling his carefully crafted ambiance, he’s forced to call things as they are.

As with anything Toby tackles, he does his best to brush off the blunder with a straightforward attitude. “So, that happened,” he says, before taking the plunge and asking his potential employer to be real with him.

this is us season 5 toby chris sullivan

(Credit: NBC)

“Look, I know this isn’t going great,” he says. “So, can we just cut to the chase? Do I have a shot at this or should we just call this one and put some pants on?” Toby asks with no small amount of good-natured charm.

Check out the clip above to see the response, and get a peek at Toby’s relatable Zoom attire. This is us, indeed.

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