‘The Walking Dead’ Preview: A New Survivor, Played by Robert Patrick, Steps Into the Light (VIDEO)

Meet a new and exciting The Walking Dead guest star: Robert Patrick (Scorpion, Perry Mason), who plays gruff survivor Mays, will make his zombie apocalypse debut on the March 14 episode, “One More.”

You can see some of his first moments in this downright creepy exclusive clip, above, in which he approaches Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) from behind in a dark warehouse — yikes. He then proceeds to ask Gabriel about the boar he was cooking, but he sounds more interested in cooking Gabriel.

Luckily, Gabriel is joined by fellow survivor Aaron (Ross Marquand), as the two are out on a supply run for Alexandria. So hopefully, help is nearby in the wake of this surprise visitor.

Josh Stringer/AMC

During February’s The Walking Dead Season 10 Extended Preview Special, series creator Angela Kang teased the episode, saying: “It’s really a kind of back-to-the-basics survival story, very classic Walking Dead, just our people out in the world on a search for food. Just basic stuff, but really, these characters get to get into some pretty deep philosophy about what’s the state of the world, what do they believe, do they believe people are redeemable?”

Hopefully, as Gabriel nervously replies to Mays, in terms of Gabriel and Aaron’s survival, it’ll all be “good.”

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