‘She’s the Boss’: Nicole & Josh Walters on Revealing Their Family Life to a National Audience (VIDEO)

If you’ve been watching the new USA Network family docuseries She’s the Boss, then you probably already know why Nicole Walters got the call about doing a TV show: Her life is full of laughs, especially at home, when she and her her family are hanging around — and, say, when she and her husband, stay-at-home lawyer Josh, are doing an interview together.

“We’ve been sharing our story online for so many years, and it caught the eye of some producers,” the entrepreneur who runs a successful marketing empire — after quitting her job in front of 10,000 people on Periscope — tells TV Insider in our video.

The producers, it turns out, saw how “dynamic” her family is, she says — and they were right to take notice. Nicole and Josh adopted three girls (sisters Daya, Krissy, and Ally), and along with Nicole’s executive assistant and best friend Eddie, make for an incredibly engaging half-hour every Thursday. (Daya, however, is not part of the show.) You’ll want to watch just to see what Eddie’s up to and the way the family gets sucked in.

“Where we are right now in the world, more than anything, people really want to see families that look different, families that are made up in diverse and inclusive ways,” Nicole says.

“It was definitely a change of pace for us,” Josh adds about the family’s reaction to being on TV.

She's the Boss Nicole Walters Josh Eddie

(USA Network)

Viewers also get to see the (sometimes?) sweet relationship between the two on the show. “We get to see what we look like as a couple parenting,” Nicole shares.

Watch the interview above for more from Nicole and Josh Walters about their relationship and the show.

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