San Diego Comic-Con Will Once Again Go Virtual (Don’t Kill the Messenger)

Daniel Knighton/Getty Images

Comic-Con fans, the whole shebang is going virtual again in July.

Just like in 2020, San Diego Comic-Con, due to the pandemic, will not take place in person and, this time, it will be three days — July 23-25 — instead of the usual four.

“While we are buoyed by the rollout of the vaccine and the growing number of individuals being inoculated, it appears that July will still be too early to safely hold an in-person event of the magnitude of Comic-Con,” reads the statement from Comic-Con International announcing the second free online [email protected]

The announcement also explains why it’s one day shorter: “The challenges of this past year and the multiple postponements of our two largest events have left us with limited financial resources.”

However, it’s also planning “a safe alternative”: a three-day, in-person event in San Diego in November. “While we lament the postponement of the in-person Comic-Con, our commitment to this community of fans and our celebration of comics and the related popular arts endures as an important part of who we are,” the statement continues. Additional details, including attendance capacity and badge cost, will be revealed at a later date.

This news comes after WonderCon in Anaheim also became virtual ([email protected]), for March 26 and 27.

[email protected], July 23-25, 2021