‘Doom Patrol’ Makeup FX Guru on Season 2’s Most Inventive Looks (VIDEO)

HBO Max’s Doom Patrol (late of the DC Universe platform) is so good, we forgive it for hiding Matt Bomer‘s Negative Man in bandages half the time.

That the makeup and visual effects of the comic-book drama make the characters as appealing as the stars in the cast — which also includes Brendan Fraser, April Bowlby, and Diane Guerrero as the ragtag and really weird team of experimental superheroes —is due in large part to the show’s makeup FX designer, Bill Johnson.

In its fabulously inventive second season, available January 26 on Blue-ray and DVD, Johnson had the chance to get really inventive when the crew went on a Wizard of Oz-ian journey to protect Dorothy Spinner (Abi Monterey), the daughter of the doctor (Timothy Dalton) who turned them into oddities. Along the way, instead of courage, brains and heart, the emotionally messy members of Doom Patrol began to face their own inner demons and buried traumas — and were shrunken down to the size of toys.

It’s fitting that the looks are equally out there, as Johnson discusses below in this exclusive clip from the set’s collection of extras.