Make a ‘Date With Death’ on Valentine’s Weekend (VIDEO)


You’re sure of a killer time Valentine’s Day weekend. Oxygen has lined up a feast for true crime fans with its Date with Death Valentine’s Day weekend event, which runs February 11-14. What could be more romantic than snuggling up with that special someone and watching…chilling crimes together?

The weekend kicks off with the two-night special premiere of the new limited series Lovers’ Lane Murders with former criminal prosecutor Loni Coombs. See below for the full chiller slate.

Lover’s Lane Murders

After US Naval Academy graduate Cathy Thomas and her girlfriend Becky Dowski are murdered in a lovers’ lane in Virginia, authorities are left to wonder if this is a hate crime or the birth of something more sinister after a similar slaying elsewhere. (Premieres Thursday, February 11)

Oxygen Maureen O'connel and Loni Coombs

Former FBI Special Agent Maureen O’Connell and former criminal prosecutor Loni Coombs (Texas Crew Productions)

An Unexpected Killer

The series specializes in cases where the killer is someone shocking and unexpected. In this new episode, a single mom-of-two is the victim of a bizarre murder at the hands of a brazen perpetrator. (Premieres Friday, February 12)



Killer Motive

A popular chiropractor is healthy one day but dies a painful death the next. When doctors discover that the reason for her death is far from natural causes, police must uncover who would want a woman with a seemingly perfect life dead… and why. (Premieres Saturday, February 13)

oxygen-lovers-lane keyart


One Deadly Mistake

When a free-spirited young woman is found murdered in her kitchen, police in Massachusetts have no shortage of suspects. Detectives realize the clue that leads to her killer is actually hidden in plain sight. (Premieres Saturday, February 13)



Snapped: Behind Bars

In a brand-new jailhouse interview, teen killer Sabrina Zunich tells the chilling story behind her foster mother’s murder and why she snapped. (Premieres Sunday, February 14)

Oxygen Exhumed Keyart



In the first episode, a mail-order bride disappears without a trace. Detectives discover that someone close to her has a suspicious past, and only an exhumation can solve the mystery. In the following episode, detectives investigate a “Black Widow” after two husbands die.(Premieres Sunday, February 14)